Career Through The Years

    Career Counseling

    Career Counseling can help you learn more about...

    • Your interests and how they relate to majors and careers
    • Personality factors that may be related to fields of study and to careers
    • Abilities and skills
    • Work related values
    • Life plans and goals that may be important to you
    • Influence of family or friends on your career decision
    • Your ability to make decisions
    • Different occupations related to your major
    • The current job market, opportunities, and future market trends
    • Salary ranges and job benefits
    • Educational and training requirements
    • Day-to-day work activities and specific job environments
    • Where on campus to get the most current information

    For More Information please call the SIU Counseling Center at 618-453-5371 or stop by Woody Hall A-302