Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 11: NCAA Special Assistance Fund

    This fund was created to provide benefits to Division I student-athletes who demonstrate financial need.

    A. Student-Athletes Who Qualify for the NCAA Fund

    • Student-athletes who are eligible to receive Pell Grants (except nonqualifiers in their initial year of residence).

    • Student-athletes who are receiving athletic aid and who have demonstrated financial need as determined by an analysis conducted consistent with Federal Methodology or the methodology used for all students at SIUC. The SIU Financial Aid Office will determine which student-athletes, including foreign student-athletes, are eligible for the NCAA Special Assistance Fund.

    • The distribution of these funds is at the discretion of the athletic department. Students who fail to comply with departmental and team rules, e.g., failure to attend class and/or Study Table, misconduct, etc., may not qualify for these funds.

    B. Permissible Uses of the NCAA Fund

    • Cost of clothing (limited amount) and other essential expenses (except entertainment) for Pell-eligible student-athletes and full grant-in-aid student-athletes who demonstrate financial need. As funds are available, the clothing allowance is issued during the final two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. (If a student is in need of the clothing allowance prior to that time, he/she should meet with Cheryl Bauersachs to complete the application form.) Student-athletes who qualify for the fund will receive written notification from Ms. Bauersachs.

        NOTE: The allocation of the clothing allowance to each student is at the discretion of the student's coach and the athletic administration. The allowance will not be awarded to student-athletes who fail to attend class, required Study Table, and who fail to comply with team rules and all athletic department policies.

    • Cost of expendable academic course supplies (notebooks, pens) and rental of nonexpendable supplies (computer equipment and cameras) that are required for all students in the course. SIU limits course supply expenditures to $100.

    • Medical and dental costs not covered by another insurance program.

    • Costs associated with student-athlete or family emergencies.

    C. Procedures for Obtaining Funds

    • See Cheryl Bauersachs (Arena 126A) to obtain an Application for NCAA Special Assistance Funds form.

    • Complete the form and obtain the signature of your head coach.

    • Return the form to Ms. Bauersachs, and she will obtain the signature of the Athletic Director or Associate Director.

    • Contact Ms. Bauersachs to confirm that the paperwork has been completed.


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