Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 12: Student Athletic Advisory Board

    The purposes of the Student Athletic Advisory Board (SAAB) are to enhance communication and increase cooperation among all persons involved in the Intercollegiate Athletic program as well as to promote and maintain the individual rights of student-athletes.

    The 23-member board is composed of one representative from each of the sports, four minority representatives, one graduate student representative, a president, and a secretary. Sport representatives are required to be active student-athletes with a minimum 2.0 cumulative gpa and to have participated in Saluki Athletics at least one year.

    The board meets monthly or more often, as necessary, during the school year. All athletes are welcome and are encouraged to attend meetings. Any athlete who has a concern which he/she thinks should be addressed by SAAB should request that her/his sport representative or any SAAB member place the item on the board agenda, or he/she may attend the meeting and bring up the matter as new business.


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