Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 13: Departmental Committiees

    Departmental committees provide the avenue by which policies are established and, when desirable and necessary, changed. Committee membership is comprised of athletics staff, two SAAB members, Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee members, and other faculty and staff involved in athletics. The committees are:

    1. Academic Advisory

      The Academic Advisory Committee meets to discuss academic policies and reports relative to student-athletes.

    2. Awards

      The Awards Committee evaluates participation and special awards and policies.

    3. Compliance

      This committee evaluates current compliance policies and addresses issues in regard to compliance with NCAA regulations.

    4. Drug Education and Prevention

      This committee develops and implements drug education programs for student-athletes and makes recommendations on departmental policies regarding drug testing.

    5. General Policies

      This committee continually evaluates the general policies of the total program and addresses policies not covered by the other departmental committees.

    6. Scheduling

      The Scheduling Committee evaluates activities offered, time allotments, facility usage, and sports seasons.

    7. Gender Equity

      The Gender Equity Committee evaluates policies and programs to ensure compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments.

    8. Minority Issues

      The Minority Issues Committee evaluates program and policies to ensure that equal opportunities are provided all student-athletes and staff.

    9. Sports Medicine

      The Sports Medicine Committee evaluates medical policies and procedures to ensure that student-athletes receive optimal medical treatment.


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