Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 19: Uniforms and Equipment

    Checkout Policy for Athletes:

    •  Each athlete will be provided with the appropriate uniform and/or equipment for the sport activity in which he/she will be participating.

    • Checkout Procedures: The athlete's name and the issue of numbers of each item to be borrowed shall be recorded by the Equipment Manager.

    • Responsibility: Each athlete will be responsible for the uniform and equipment items issued to her/him throughout the loan period. Normal wear and tear on items is expected and will be understood; however, items which appear to be abnormally abused must be repaired or replaced by the student-athlete. Athletes will be billed for items lost or ruined while under her/his care.

    • Due Date: The exact equipment and/or uniform items checked out to each athlete are to be returned to the equipment room within ten (10) calendar days following the team's final competitive event of the season. The 10-day return period may be altered at the discretion of the Equipment Manager.

    • Late Fees: Any athlete not returning her/his uniform and equipment items before the established deadline will be fined a flat $5.00 late fee plus $1.00 for each additional day that the item(s) is(are) overdue. The fee shall not exceed the replacement cost of the item(s). Failure to pay the fees will result in a bursar hold which will prevent the athlete from registering for subsequent semesters until the bill is paid.

    • Denial: Intercollegiate Athletics may refuse to issue uniforms, awards, and/or equipment items to an athlete until all previous debts are paid. These previous debts are late fees, replacement fees, and repair fees.


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