Student Athlete Handbook

    Section Two: Staff Directory


    Arena Main Office 453-5311
    Arena Academic Coordinators Office 453-5486/5468
    Arena Training Room 453-4878
    Davies Training Room 453-5157
    Baseball Clubhouse 453-3794
    Football Office 453-3331/3332
    Arena Equipment Room 536-2190
    Arena Ticket Office 453-5319
    Information Station (Student Center) 453-5351
    Financial Aid 453-4334
    Transit Service 453-2212
    Sports Information FAX Machines 536-2152 / 453-2648
    FAX Machine, Arena Office 127 453-3255
    Arena Main Office FAX Machine 453-5152


    Staff Member Title Phone Office
    Auld, Judy Women's Tennis Coach 453-5462 Arena 131
    Bandy, Nancy Assistant Director--Student Services 453-5463 Arena 118F
    Barefield, Scott Assistant Athletic Trainer 453-4162 Arena 033
    Bauersachs, Cheryl Financial Aid/Insurance Officer 453-5477 Arena 126A
    Beck, Julie Head Women's Basketball Coach 453-5484 Arena 119F
    Benton, Sharon Administrative Secretary to AD 453-7250 Arena 118C
    Bingham, Vince Assistant Track Coach 453-2556 Arena 127
    Blaylock, Kerri Head Softball Coach 453-5466 Arena 126C
    Callahan, Dan Head Baseball Coach 453-3794 Clubhouse
    Cosgrove, Mark Softball Assistant Coach 453-1121 Arena 118G
    Damico, Rick Sports Equipment Supervisor 453-5343 Arena 0039
    Daugherty, Diane Women's Golf Coach 453-5469 Arena 126D
    Davis, Dan Baseball Restricted Coach 453-2802 Clubhouse
    Dennison, Nancy Basketball Secretary 453-4667 Arena 119
    DeNoon, Don Head Women's Track/Cross Country Coach 453-5460 Arena 127H
    Esling, Nancy Spirit Coordinator 453-5451 Arena 128K
    Feiste, Nelda Business Manager 453-5471 Arena 118J
    Foster, Buddy Assistant Softball Coach 453-5455 Arena 126B
    Gearhart, Debbie Secretary 453-7234 Arena 127
    Goelz, Jeff Head Women's Swimming Coach 453-3149 Arena 127C
    Hailey, Bob Assistant Football Coach   453-3332 Arena 128
    Hardy, Laura Athletic Development Director 453-3148 Arena 127E
    Hawk, Aaron Women's Swimming Assistant Coach 453-3149 Arena 127C
    Henderson, Ken Baseball Associate Coach 453-3794 Clubhouse
    Henderson, Paul Academic Coordinator 453-5486 Arena 118
    Huff, Fred Head Sports Information Director 453-7235 Arena 128L
    Iftner, Brad Men's Tennis Coach 453-7247 Arena 126H
    Jones, Kathy Associate Athletic Director 453-5279 Arena 118E
    Kowalczyk, Paul Athletic Director 453-7250 Arena 118D
    Liggins, Tommie Football Assistant Coach 453-7981 Arena 128F
    Lipe, Sharon Football Secretary 453-3332 Arena 128
    Locke, Sonya Head Volleyball Coach 453-5473 Arena 127K
    McVinua, Brenda Assistant Athletic Trainer 453-5482 Arena 033A
    Misner, Jill Volleyball Assistant Coach 453-5476 Arena 127A
    Mitchem, Lynn Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 453-7245 Arena 119
    Montgomery, John LAN Administrator 453-7231 Arena 128H
    Newton, Leroy Men's Golf Coach 453-7248 Arena 130A
    Nix, Betty Administrative Secretary to Assoc. AD 453-5478 Arena 118T
    Opp, Lori Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 453-5464 Arena 119F
    Perkins, Mike Assistant Dir.--Scheduling/Facilities 453-5481 Arena 126E
    Quarless, Jan Head Football Coach 453-3333 Arena 128D
    Robinson, Kevin Assistant Track  Coach 453-5140 Arena 127B
    Robinson, Lea Women's Basketball Assistant Coach 453-5449 Arena 119G
    Sailliez, Debbie Secretary 453-7240 Arena 118
    Salmon, Doug Head Strength Coach 453-5454 Arena 043
    Salyer, Wes Assistant Football Coach 453-5446 Arena 128H
    Smith, Susan Ticket Manager 453-5319 Arena 033D
    Staniszewski, Charles Assistant Sports Information Director 453-7102 Arena 128P
    Steele, Carrie Volleyball Assistant Coach 453-5476 Arena 127A
    Thakkar, Pratima Assistant Business Manager 453-7233 Arena 118H
    Therriault, Kristina Academic Coordinator 453-5468 Arena 118N
    Thompson, Ed Head Athletic Trainer 453-5161 Arena 033
    Torres, Donald Diving Coach 453-5461 Arena 127I
    Trude, Mike Marketing and Promotions Director 453-7237 Arena 118G
    Verdugo, Kevin Assistant Football Coach 453-4504 Arena 128G
    Vite, Michael Assistant Football Coach 453-7975 Arena 128C
    Walker, Rick Head Men's Swimming Coach 453-5449 Arena 127G
    Ward, Heather Graduate Assistant Trainer 453-4162 Arena 033A
    Ward, Steve Equipment Manager 536-2190 Arena 0039
    Watson, Rodney Men's Basketball Assistant Coach 453-7101 Arena 119A
    Weber, Bruce Head Men's Basketball Coach 453-7244 Arena 119C
    Weddell, Sean Men's Assistant Swimming Coach 453-3149 Arena 127C
    Williams, C. Michael Director of Financial Affairs 453-5474 Arena 126G
    Wiseman, Traci Football Secretary 453-3331 Arena 128
    Wright, Cameron Track Assistant Coach 453-7252 Arena 127B
    Wright, Chasity Secretary for Athletic Development 536-5566 Arena 127
    TBA Academic Coordinator GA 453-5486 Arena 118P
    TBA Head Men's Track/Cross Country Coach 453-7243 Arena 127J
    TBA Marketing and Promotions GA 453-7238 Arena 118G


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