Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 20: Sports Information

    I. Personnel

      Fred Huff is the Head Sports Information Director (SID), and Charles Staniszewski is the Assistant SID.

    II. Duties of the SID

    • The sports information staffs are writers and media specialists who serve as liaisons to the area and national press to publicize our sports programs. They write weekly press releases and write features on athletes for their hometown papers. They maintain the statistical and photo files on all athletes and all sports teams.

    • Additional duties of the sports information staff include: compiling and writing all game notes, program brochures, media guides, recruiting publications, and providing other SIDs with requested information about SIUC teams.

    III. Tips for Athletes Who Deal With the Press

    • Cooperate with the sports information staff and area reporters whenever possible.

    • Notify your SID or coach if a reporter has requested an interview. All interviews (except post-game) should be arranged by the SID.

    • Be prompt in appearing for post-game interviews.

    • Locker rooms are off limits to all members of the press, regardless of sex, for women's events.

    • Realize that the press is under no obligation to cover the SIUC sports program. Sports such as football and men's basketball receive the majority of publicity because sports editors and their superiors contend that the readers are most interested in those sports.

    • Any remark made to a reporter may appear in print or on the air -- whether presented as "off the record" or not.

    • Reporters have a professional commitment to report the facts -- both the good and the bad. They often write about athletes who performed well and those who performed poorly. You must be willing to accept this reality and deal with it in a positive manner, regardless of the content of the story.


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