Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 21: Awards

    I. Letter Awards

    • A letter award winner is an individual who has contributed to the success of the team through exceptional performance, dedication, and effort. The letter award winners for each sport are determined by the head coach based upon a published set of standards for each sport.

    • The awards for letter winners are as follow:

        1st year letter winner Letter Jacket

        2nd year letter winner None

        3rd year letter winner Watch

        4th year letter winner Certificate or Ring

      NOTE: Participants who letter for the first time in their last year of eligibility may select a watch in lieu of a letter jacket.

    • Student trainers who complete their senior practicum with a sport may receive a letter award based upon the recommendations of the head athletic trainer and the head coach of the respective sport. The award will be the same as that for a senior who has not previously qualified for a letter.

    • Student Managers may letter in their senior year upon the recommendations of the equipment manager and head coach. The award will be the same as that for a senior who has not previously qualified for a letter.

    • Junior college and transfer athletes with two years of eligibility who qualify for a letter will receive a jacket their first year and a watch their last year. Junior college and transfer athletes with 3 years of eligibility at SIUC who qualify for a letter will receive a jacket their first year, no award their second year, and a watch their third year.

    • Only four-year letter-winners who graduate with a four-year degree will receive a ring. No time limit will apply for graduation, nor is it necessary to graduate from SIUC.

    II. Special Awards

    • Athlete of the Year

      • The Athlete of the Year Award is based primarily on athletic ability. The grade point average of the individual need only be in compliance with NCAA regulations.

      • The Athlete of the Year may be any classification (year) in school. He/She may be either highly versatile or demonstrate excellence in one (1) sport.

      • The Athlete of the Year must:

        • Be a steady, consistent athlete.

        • Demonstrate an athletic ability exceeding the most well intended or practiced output of the layperson. This skill may be demonstrated by the following qualities: quickness, agility, poise, stamina, precision, control, execution, timing, etc.

        • Be best at what he/she does (position or event).

        • Display good sportsmanship.

        • Have high personal motivation, hustle, and drive.

        • Maintain an attitude and character representative of Intercollegiate Athletics at SIUC.

      • The Athlete of the Year may be:

        • A school, conference, regional, or national record holder.

        • An individual competitor or team member who is a qualifier, top finisher, or champion in a prestigious tournament, conference, regional, or national championship.

        • The individual male and female athletes bringing the most recognition to SIUC and the athletics department as a result of their athletic performance(s).

        • The recipient of special recognition awards, such as MVP, All Conference, All Region, All American, etc.

      • Each coach has the following options regarding the selection of a Most Valuable Player: 1) Make no selection; 2) Select one player who may or may not be nominated for the Athlete of the Year Award; 3) Select more than one player for MVP awards. Nominations for Athlete of the Year may be submitted by the Awards Committee, sports staff, and by SAAB. The Awards Committee will then select the Athlete of the Year.

    • Outstanding Leader-Athlete

      • The following criteria apply for the selection of the Outstanding Leader- Athlete. The recipient must have:

        • A 2.75 minimum grade point average.

        • Completed her/his eligibility or be a graduating senior.

        • Contributed to the conduct of the athletics program both on and off the field.

        • Displayed leadership (i.e., SAAB, IAAC, team captain, etc.).

        • Been a varsity member in her/his respective sport during her/his senior year or last year of eligibility.

        • Displayed good sportsmanship.

    • Virginia Gordon Scholar-Athlete Award (Women)

      • The Virginia Gordon Award is given to an athlete who has demonstrated both outstanding scholarship and athletic ability.

      • The nomination of athletes and selection of the recipient will be conducted by coaches who knew Virginia Gordon.

    • Saluki Booster Club Scholar-Athlete Award

      These awards are presented to the male and female student-athletes who will have completed their eligibility in their "primary" sport at the end of the current academic year, who are on track to graduate, and who have demonstrated excellence in:

      • academics (cumulative gpa);

      • athletic achievements; and

      • extracurricular activities.


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