Student Athlete Handbook

    Section 22: Appeals Procedures

    I. Introduction

      Each student-athlete in Intercollegiate Athletics shall have the right to an appeal and a hearing of a decision made by the coaching and administrative/professional staff. It is preferable that problems be solved by the persons involved in the appeal and that the Appeals Board not be asked to rule on such problems until all efforts by the parties involved have been exhausted.

    II. Initiation of an Appeal

    • Declaration of Appeal

        The student-athlete must complete and submit a Declaration of Appeal Form to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics no later than 14 days after the day on which the incident occurred. Failure to comply with the time limit will result in automatic denial of the appeal.

    • Informal Discussion

        After the Declaration of Appeal form has been submitted to the athletic director, there shall be an informal discussion by the person appealing a decision and the person who made the decision that is being appealed in an attempt to resolve the problem.

    • Informal Meeting

        If the appeal is between a student-athlete and a member of the coaching and administrative/professional staff other than the athletic director, the parties involved shall meet informally with the athletic director in an attempt to reach an agreement.

    • Formal Appeal

        If a settlement cannot be reached informally, the person appealing a decision may submit a formal appeal. The procedures listed below must be followed.

      • The appeal shall be presented in writing and shall provide sufficient detail to allow for a response.

      • The appeal shall be filed with the chairperson of the Appeals Board, additional copies shall be sent to the athletic director and to the person who made the decision which is being appealed.

      • The person who made the decision which is being appealed shall provide a written response to the following persons: the Appeals Board, the athletic director, and the party making the appeal.

    • Formal Hearing

      • When possible, a hearing shall be conducted within 14 days of the receipt of the request. If the 14-day schedule cannot be met, the hearing shall be held at the earliest possible date thereafter.

      • Both individuals involved in the appeal shall be present at the hearing to present their cases and to refute invalid information which might be presented by the other party.

      • Each party involved in the appeal shall have the prerogative to have in attendance at the hearing two representatives who have pertinent information to present to the Appeals Board.

        • The Board must be informed of the name and position of each representative prior to the time of the hearing.

        • Further representation may be allowed contingent upon the approval of the Appeals Board. Requests for the privilege of additional representation must be made, in writing, to the chairperson of the Appeals Board prior to the time of the hearing.

        • Requests for additional representation will be reported to other parties involved in the appeal.

        • Each representative will make a presentation of pertinent information to the Appeals Board and the involved parties privately. The representative will be dismissed from the hearing at the conclusion of the presentation and cross examination.

      • All hearings will be closed and will be recorded or taped.

      • After each party involved in the appeal has presented her/his case, members of the Appeals Board shall meet in private to render a decision.

      • The parties involved and the athletic director shall receive, in writing, the decision of the Appeals Board within ten (10) days of the completion of the review.

      • Further requests should be initiated through the normal University grievance procedure. Requests concerning financial aid should be made to the Financial Aid Advisory Committee in the Financial Aid Office.

    III. Composition of Appeals Board

    • Membership
        The Appeals Board shall be comprised of one student representative from, and selected by, members of the Student Athletic Advisory Board (SAAB) and the chairpersons of the Departmental Standing Committees (Academic Advisory, Awards, Compliance, Drug Education/Prevention, General Policies, Scheduling, and Gender Equity and Minority Issues). The athletic director shall appoint the chairperson for the Appeals Board from among the chairpersons of the Standing Committees. Board members shall serve a minimum of one school year.

    • Appeals Board Replacements

        In the event that a member of the Appeals Board is involved in the appeal, a temporary replacement will be selected by SAAB (if the student representative) or by the athletic director (if a staff representative).

    IV. Hearing Opportunity -- Permission to Transfer

    •  NCAA Bylaw requires an SIUC student-athlete to obtain written permission from the SIUC Athletic Director (or designated athletic administrator) before the student may contact an athletics staff member of another four-year institution.

    •  If SIUC denies a student-athlete's request to permit any other four-year institution to contact the student-athlete about transferring, the student-athlete shall be informed that he/she, upon request, shall be provided a hearing conducted by an institutional committee outside of the athletics department (e.g., the office of student affairs; office of the dean of students; or a committee composed of the faculty athletics representative, student-athletes and non athletics faculty members). Five members of the SIUC Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee (IAAC) will serve as the appeal committee for student-athletes in this situation. The student-athlete should contact the chairperson of the IAAC, in writing, within 14 days of the decision if the student wants to appeal the decision.

    Forms to be Signed by Student-Athletes

    When student-athletes join an SIUC intercollegiate team, they must sign various forms in order to be eligible for practice and competition. The Appendix includes copies of some of those required forms for your review. (NCAA Student-Athlete Statement and Drug-Testing Consent Forms from the previous year are included, as the forms for the upcoming academic year had not been published at press time.) Students and parents who have questions about the forms at any time should contact the coach or an athletic administrator.


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