Student Athlete Handbook

    Section Four: Mission Statement

    Intercollegiate Athletics

    In accord with the University Mission, it is the goal of the Saluki Athletic Department to provide a quality program that will enable each student-athlete to reach his or her greatest potential. The following statements reflect our commitment to this mission:

    1. The Athletic Department will provide all student-athletes with the best coaching, supervision, equipment and facilities to be successful on the field of competition and in the classroom, with the ultimate objective being professional development and degree completion;

    2. The Athletic Department will comply with both the intent and the letter of MVC and NCAA rules and regulations;

    3. Our student-athletes will achieve a semester grade point average and a graduation rate exceeding that of the undergraduate student body;

    4. The Athletic Department will make every effort to assure that all men's and women's sports programs are treated fairly and equitably, will promote ethnic and cultural diversity, and promote the general health and personal growth of all student-athletes, and;

    5. Our athletic teams will act with honesty, integrity and sportsmanship in the pursuit of conference championships, while achieving regional and national recognition.


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