Student Athlete Handbook

    Section Seven: Medical Policies and Insurance


    • All student-athletes should be familiar with the Intercollegiate Athletics Medical Policies. Failure to comply with these policies may result in inadequate medical treatment or unnecessary costs charged to the athlete. Be sure to note differences in insurance policies (Section C) for athletic-related and non-athletic-related injuries and illnesses.

    • Ed Thompson is the head athletic trainer and is assisted by Scott Barefield and Brenda McVinua. The staff also includes three certified graduate assistants.

    • Pre-participation physicals will be performed only on freshmen and new transfer students, those student-athletes who request a physical, and those student-athletes who the training or medical staffs feel should have a physical. All physical exams will be performed by the team physician or her/his designee.

    • Most injuries and illnesses will be treated at the SIUC Health Service. Brochures on Health Service policies, including treatment and insurance, are available in the Athletic Training Rooms. Numerous specialists are available to provide care for student-athletes in addition to Health Service staff.

    • The Health Service is open only on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When the Health Service is closed, a nurse is on call (536-5585) to advise students about medical problems if your athletic trainer is not available.


    • Report all injuries and illnesses to the athletic trainer immediately.

    • Referrals to physicians (Health Service) for all injuries and illnesses can be made only by the athletic training staff except in cases of extreme emergency. Initial referrals are made to Dr. Rollin Perkins at the Health Service; he will make any necessary, additional referrals.

    • If you are ill or injured, call the Athletic Training Room (453-HURT) before 11 a.m. If necessary, a staff member will make an appointment for you.

    • Obtain a Medical Advisor's Report from the Athletic Training Room, have the form filled out by the attending medical staff at Health Service, and return the form to your athletic trainer. Other forms will be provided as necessary. It is essential that you take the proper forms to ensure proper billing and medical care.

    • The Health Service requires patients to report 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. If you are late for an appointment or miss an appointment without canceling with Health Service in advance, you will be required to pay a $5.00 charge to the Health Service.

    • A student athletic trainer accompanies athletes to appointments whenever possible. When this is not possible, you must return the Medical Advisor's Report form to the Athletic Training Room as soon as possible after the appointment.


    • General

      • The athletic medical coverage for this academic year will be provided by the SIUC Student Health Programs Extended Care Plan (Insurance). Please refer to the Extended Medical Care Benefit Plan (Insurance) brochure for Plan information. The athletic coverage is an "EXCESS" or "SECONDARY" coverage. Therefore, a medical claim must first be submitted to your family, group, or individual insurance plan prior to consideration by the Student Health Programs Plan. For each athletic-related injury an SIUC Extended Care Plan Claim Form must be completed.

      • The insurance officer for Intercollegiate Athletics is Ms. Cheryl Bauersachs (Arena 126A). If you have questions about insurance and/or medical bills, please see Ms. Bauersachs immediately.

      • It is essential that the Athlete Family Insurance Information and Record Release Form requesting parents'/guardians' insurance information be completed fully and accurately. Also, please staple a copy of the insurance wallet ID card(s) to the Form.

    • Athletic-related injuries

      • The Student Health Programs Extended Care Plan covers athletic-related injuries which occur during practice and/or competition in an intercollegiate sport under the direct supervision of an athletics staff member.

      • The Student Health Programs medical plan does not cover treatment of pre-existing conditions (illness, injury, or condition for which medical advice or treatment was received within six (6) months preceding the student's effective date of coverage under the SIU Plan, or which produced clear, distinct symptoms that indicated the illness, injury, or condition probably began and manifested itself before the effective date of the student's coverage). Pre-existing conditions are not eligible for coverage until the student has been continuously enrolled in the SIU Plan for twelve (12) months. Please refer to the Extended Medical Care Plan (Insurance) brochure for additional information regarding this Plan limitation.

      • Some SIU students are enrolled for Fall Semester and Spring Semester, but are not enrolled for the Summer Session. There is no SIU coverage during the Summer Session time period unless the student is enrolled at SIU and purchases the Optional Summer Plan. Please contact the SIU Student Health Programs Student Medical Benefit Office at 618/453-4413 for information regarding this Optional Summer Plan prior to the last day of Spring Semester coverage. Please note that if an illness, injury, or condition begins during the summer when a student is not enrolled, it will be considered pre-existing to the Extended Care Plan (Insurance) when returning to SIU in the Fall Semester.

      • The SIU coverage for student-athletes requires that a student-athlete initially seek attention for an athletic injury from the Intercollegiate Athletics team physician or SIU staff athletic trainer. If a student would seek treatment from an outside physician without an SIU Referral, the Plan will not make payment.

    • Non-athletic-related injuries and illnesses

      • The SIU Student Health Programs Clinic (Health Service) is the primary care provider for a student. Appointments are scheduled through the athletic trainer for non-athletic injuries or illnesses (cold, flu, etc.). The student is billed a fee of $5.00 per visit, and this charge is billed on the Bursar's Account.

      • Medication prescribed for non-athletic injuries and illnesses are not covered. The student will be billed on the Bursar's Account for medication received at the Student Health Programs Clinic/Pharmacy.

      • Please refer to the SIU Student Health Programs—A Guide to Health Care brochure for information about the Student Health Care Programs services provided on campus or call the Student Medical Benefit Office at 618/453-4413.


      The SIUC athletic department does not drug test student-athletes. The NCAA randomly tests student-athletes in football and men's and women's track & field at SIUC throughout the academic year. Student-athletes in all sports may be drug tested at any time when their teams participate in NCAA post-season competition.

      A list of NCAA banned drugs is included in the Appendix and is subject to change.

      The most current list can be obtained through:

      NOTE: Some nutritional supplements sold as powders, energy bars, pre-mixed drinks, tablets and capsules may contain ingredients not listed on the labels. Some of these supplements may contain banned substances. Ingesting them can result in a positive drug test with a penalty of a loss of one year of eligibility.

      Please consult an athletic trainer before ingesting nutritional supplements.


      Illinois law requires the SIUC Health service to have a current record of immunization on file for each student. The record must include dates of immunization for measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus. International students must have a current record of a tuberculosis test.

      If you have no immunization record on file, you will receive a form when you enroll for your physician to complete. Please return the form to the SIU Health Service. If you do not receive an immunization form, please contact one of the athletic trainers, and a form will be sent to you. Failure to comply will result in a $25 late fee charged to your Bursar account and a registration hold.


      The Student Medical Benefit Fee does NOT cover visits to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale unless the illness/injury is deemed emergent by the hospital staff. This policy discourages students with colds or flu from making unnecessary visits.

      In cases of an athletic injury/illness, the trainer determines whether the athlete should be sent to the emergency room. In other cases, the student-athlete should call the Health Service or the nurse on call if he/she is in doubt as to whether her/his injury/illness is emergent.


      The incidence and seriousness of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa have received much public attention in our weight-conscious society. The student-athlete population is susceptible to these psychological problems, and affected athletes often endure severe medical complications because of the combination of poor nutritional habits with the added physical demands required in training and competition.

      The Intercollegiate Athletics staff is understanding and supportive of athletes who suffer from eating disorders (as well as from other psychological and physical problems) and will assist in seeking treatment, so that athletes can continue as contributing members of their teams. Confidentiality is guaranteed at both the Health Service and the Counseling Center.

      Therefore, if you have an eating disorder, please share that information with someone who can help (i.e.--your coach, a counselor, the team physician, an athletic trainer or a member of the administrative staff). Personnel in athletics want to help athletes with eating disorders and want to retain athletes on our teams while the problem is being addressed and alleviated.


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