Student Athlete Handbook

    Section Nine: University Athletic Travel Policy

    All student-athletes are required to travel as a team to the competition destination. Only under exceptional circumstances will a student-athlete be allowed to travel separately to a competition destination. Permission to travel separately from the team must be granted by the athletic director, the coach of such student-athlete, the owner of the vehicle that the individual will be traveling in, and the parent of the student-athlete. ALL SUCH PERMISSION AND APPROVAL MUST BE OBTAINED IN WRITING PRIOR TO ANY TRAVEL TO AN ATHLETIC COMPETITION OR EVENT. The student should contact her/his coach well in advance of the contest in order to complete the necessary form and obtain signatures.

    Permission to go out after arriving at a given destination may be granted by the coach. The coach should be informed at all times with respect to where each student can be reached. The coach is legally responsible for every individual on the trip. Everyone should be in their rooms and quiet at a reasonable hour. The time will be set by the coach. An infraction of this rule may result in probation or immediate dismissal dependent upon the severity of the offense.

    Non-Competing Athletes Traveling With The Team

    • Student-athletes who are ineligible cannot travel with their teams. "Redshirts" whose eligibility has been certified are permitted to travel on selected trips approved by the administrator in charge of the program.
    • Do not assume that an injured athlete who does not plan to compete may accompany a team on a trip. Special cases may be discussed by the coach with the administrator in charge of the program.

    Authorization For Secondary Driver To Operate University Vehicles

    University policy states that only university employees are authorized to operate university owned vehicles. A limited exception to that rule is the following.

    At the beginning of each academic year, each coach will be responsible for providing a list of all athletic events, including type, date, and place of such event. This list will be provided to the Director of Risk Management.

    In addition, each coach will provide a list of designated student-athletes or other qualified drivers who may operate university vehicles to and/or from such athletic events. The coach must provide the alternate's name, photocopy or valid driver's license, and photocopy of proof of insurance. Qualified drivers are those given specific approval and authority to operate university vehicles to and from sanctioned athletic events whose documentation is provided and approval is given prior to any event. The original documentation shall be kept by the athletic department, and a copy will be forwarded to the Department of Risk Management.


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