Ask the AD - February edition

    Mario Moccia

    Mario Moccia

    Feb. 28, 2014

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - This is the latest installment of our monthly feature called, "Ask the AD." If you have questions for Saluki Director of Athletics Mario Moccia, feel free to submit them by e-mail.

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    Is the 2014 Football schedule complete or are you planning to add a 12th game?

    We are attempting to add a 12th game for the 2014 season. Our first choice would be to add an FCS team, but since we just need one game that puts us in a situation to have to "buy" an opponent. We have called virtually everyone in the FCS and are having meaningful discussions with two programs. If we are unsuccessful, we will look to schedule a Division II team.

    Has the basketball team decided on an exempt tournament for next season?

    We have not decided on which MTE (Multiple Team Event) we are playing in. Coach Hinson and I have discussed this, and when we feel the team is ready to resume play in the "ESPN" tournaments we will look to be included in those. With a high number of freshmen and sophomores next year, we will attempt to get into a tournament that is appropriate for our competition level, makes financial sense for us, as well as finding a nice destination for our fans to visit.