Ask the AD - April Edition

    May 1, 2012

    This is the latest installment of our monthly feature called, "Ask the AD." If you have questions for Saluki Director of Athletics Mario Moccia, feel free to submit them by e-mail.

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    As I watched the MVC Tournament this year, and the press conference announcing coach Hinson as the new head coach of the Salukis, one thought came to mind. Why are our players not dressed in the same school-specified uniform, and if they are sitting out, issued coat and tie?

    As far as the MVC Tournament or home and away games, SIU Athletics cannot issue student-athletes "blazers or other items of clothing that are not sports-related practice or competition apparel" other than one team-issued polo shirt to be used for team travel, community service, or promotional appearances, per the NCAA. In the past I don't believe it was a priority for our coaching staff to make sure our student-athletes dress in a uniform manner, but with Coach Hinson I am sure it will be a different. As for the press conference, all of our student-athletes came straight from class and a meeting with Coach and then immediately to the press conference. Going forward, I have a high level of confidence that there will be uniformity at virtually all times.

    What are the reasons that would permit a student-athlete to transfer, and are those criteria set by the NCAA or University?

    The NCAA allows student-athletes to transfer to another institution at any time. However, whether student-athletes can immediately play and immediately receive a scholarship at the new school is determined by many factors, including their particular sport, whether they are currently on scholarship, whether they have transferred previously, and most importantly their academics. If student-athletes meet all of the necessary criteria, the NCAA asks their current school to approve the transfer. As coaches and administrators, we consider all of the same factors, as well as social behavior, fit on the team, and others. We handle transfer situations on an individual basis in order to make sure we have the best interest of the student-athlete and the university in mind.

    With the hiring of Barry Hinson, what is the timeframe for SIU to be once again competing for an MVC championship?

    With the third-place team in the MVC this year going 9-9 in conference play, I don't think we are that far away from being competitive. In fact at home last season, we were in every game other than Saint Louis. I am anxious to see how our current players adapt to consistent coaching of fundamentals as well as game situations. I'm also looking forward to seeing who our new recruits will be and how they fit in, how our freshmen mature and how our transfer (Desmar Jakcson) adapts to a year away from competitive ball.

    Is it true that Coach Hinson has more money to hire assistant coaches and is it enough to build a quality staff?

    The coaching pool that Coach Hinson has to work with is $25,000 more than the previous pool but also includes a Director of Basketball Operations, so I would consider this a wash. I have discussed this with him during the negotiating process and he feels that this is certainly enough to build a quality staff in this league. I believe we are either fourth or fifth in assistants' salary in the MVC.

    There was a question regarding a recruit that did not sign with SIU, and per NCAA rules, we cannot respond in this or any other forum.