Faculty Athletics Representative Job Description

    June 24, 2014

    Southern Illinois University 

    Faculty Athletics Representative Job Description

    Each NCAA member institution is required by NCAA Bylaw 6.1.3 to designate an individual to serve as Faculty Athletics Representative.  That individual is to be a member of the institution’s faculty or an administrator who holds faculty rank and cannot hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department.  At Southern Illinois University, the Faculty Athletics Representative or FAR provides advice to the Chancellor and the Director of Athletics on the administration of the intercollegiate athletics program.  In particular, the FAR is responsible for safeguarding academic integrity, ensuring institutional control of intercollegiate athletics and for monitoring student-athlete well-being.  The FAR is appointed by the Chancellor and serves until he/she is replaced in that position.  The duties and responsibilities of the FAR at Southern Illinois University are as follows:

    Develop and maintain a knowledge base of NCAA legislation so as to be able to effectively monitor institutional control and academic integrity.  In particular, be proficient in rules contained in NCAA Bylaws 14, 13 and 15 (in that order of priority).

    Serve as an ex officio member of the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee (IAAC).

    Serve as an institutional representative at NCAA and Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) meetings.

    Serve as one of the institutional signatories on NCAA and MVC forms to ensure institutional control over as well as the effectiveness of processes used to verify that student-athletes meet all NCAA, MVC and institutional requirements for eligibility for financial aid, practice and competition.

    Play an active role in getting to know student-athletes by attending practices, competitions and working with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).  Participate in yearly fall team meetings and annual senior exit interviews with each sport, schedule permitting.  

    As required by the NCAA and MVC, review and sign requests for waivers and appeals of NCAA or MVC legislation.

    Receive and review self-reports of secondary violations of NCAA and MVC rules.  Be actively involved with any investigation of potential major violations of NCAA rules and the preparation of an infractions report to the NCAA or MVC.

    Coordinate annual administration of coaches’ recruiting tests.

    Chair the transfer appeals process.

    Coordinate the nomination process for student-athlete academic awards including the NCAA and MVC postgraduate scholarships.

    Receive and review the results of any review of the compliance program or academic services program. 

    Play a major role in reviewing data from the NCAA Institutional Performance Program.