Missouri Valley Conference announces 2012-13 Academic Awards

    Orhan Spahic was one of seven Salukis to receive the President's Council Academic Excellence Award.

    Orhan Spahic was one of seven Salukis to receive the President's Council Academic Excellence Award.

    July 12, 2013

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Forty-seven student-athletes highlight more than 1,500 who earned selection to the 2012-13 Missouri Valley Conference Honor Roll, as announced by the league office. Those 47 student-athletes earned the league's highest academic achievement by capturing the Missouri Valley Conference President's Council Academic Excellence Award.

    The President's Council Academic Excellence Award requires a minimum 3.8 cumulative grade point average (through Spring 2013 semester), participation in athletics a minimum of two years, and the student-athlete must be within 18 hours of graduation. Also, hundreds of student-athletes received the league's Commissioner's Academic Excellence Award, which requires a minimum grade point average of 3.5 for the previous two semesters, a minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average, and participation in athletics.

    In addition, the Missouri Valley Conference has announced its 2012-13 Honor Roll, which recognizes academic achievement of student-athletes. To qualify for the Valley Honor Roll, a student-athlete must have recorded a mini- mum 3.2 grade point average for a specified term (Fall 2012/Spring 2013), must have been a member of an athlet- ics team, and must have a minimum of 12 hours of enrollment during the fall or spring semesters.


    PRESIDENTS ACADEMIC AWARD - Orhan Spahic (Men's Tennis); Lucas Cherry (Men's Track & Field); Brittney Lang (Softball); Jessica Anderson (Women's Swimming); Kimberly Fortney (Women's Track & Field); Rachael Brown (Vol- leyball); Bailey Yeager (Volleyball)

    COMMISSIONER'S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD - Samuel Coonrod (Baseball); Anthony Shimkus (Baseball); Aaron Snyder (Baseball); Jacob Williams (Baseball); Ryan Bonifeld (Men's Basketball); Richard Heins (Men's Basketball); Andrew Novara (Men's Golf); George Tate (Men's Golf); Jorge Cavero (Men's Tennis); Orhan Spahic (Men's Tennis); Lucas Cherry (Men's Track & Field); Brian Dixon (Men's Track & Field); Evan Ehrenheim (Men's Track & Field); Ku- layifi Haji (Men's Track & Field); TJ Heffernan (Men's Track & Field); Spencer Jackson (Men's Track & Field); Dean Jodran (Men's Track & Field)

    HONOR ROLL - Samuel Coonrod (Baseball); Tyler Dray (Baseball); Bradley Drust (Baseball); Donny Duschinsky (Base- ball); Derek Fogel (Baseball); Brock Harding (Baseball); Austin Johnson (Baseball); Nicholas Johnson (Baseball); Connor McFadden (Baseball); Austin Montgomery (Baseball); Tanner Renner (Baseball); Bryce Sablotny (Base- ball); Anthony Shimkus (Baseball); Aaron Snyder (Baseball); Derek Trovillion (Baseball); Bryan Waldrop (Baseball); Adam Warda (Baseball); Lee Weld (Baseball); Jacob Williams (Baseball); Jerome Beane (Men's Basketball); Ryan Bonifield (Men's Basketball); Antonio Bryer (Men's Basketball); Dantiel Daniels (Men's Basketball); Richard Heins (Men's Basketball); Colby Long (Men's Basketball); Josh Swan (Men's Basketball); Brady Brown (Men's Golf); Brandon Cauldwell (Men's Golf); Jacob Erickson (Men's Golf); Joseph Goelzhauser (Men's Golf); Ryan Haxel (Men's Golf); Jeffrey Miller (Men's Golf); Andrew Novara (Men's Golf); Benjamin Patton (Men's Golf); George Tate (Men's Golf); Jorge Cavero (Men's Tennis); Badr Cerradi (Men's Tennis); Rafael Cuadrillero Andres (Men's Tennis); Bran- don Florez (Men's Tennis); Jonathon Rigby (Men's Tennis); Orhan Spahic (Men's Tennis); Neal Anderson (Men's Track & Field); Matthew Benes (Men's Track & Field); Lucas Cherry (Men's Track & Field); Brian Dixon (Men's Track & Field); Evan Ehrenheim (Men's Track & Field); Nikolai Gall (Men's Track & Field); Abdurahim Haji (Men's Track & Field); Kulayifi Haji (Men's Track & Field); TJ Heffernan (Men's Track & Field); Spencer Jackson (Men's Track & Field); Kemar Jones (Men's Track & Field); Dean Jordan (Men's Track & Field); Alexander Lietz (Men's Track & Field); Oscar Medina (Men's Track & Field); Nicholas Schrader (Men's Track & Field); Ryan Sidwell (Men's Track & Field); Jalen Woods (Men's Track & Field) Jameeka Bouie (Women's Basketball); Jordyn Courier (Women's Basketball); Rishonda Napier (Women's Basket- ball); Azia Washington (Women's Basketball); Alexis Gatton (Women's Golf); Krist Grimes (Women's Golf); Amy Lee (Women's Golf); Mattie Lindner (Women's Golf); Amber Phillips (Women's Golf); Morgan Reimler (Women's Golf); Shaina Rennegarbe (Women's Golf); Cassie Rushing (Women's Golf); Kelsea Ashton (Softball); Morgan Barchan (Softball); Kathryn Bertelsen (Softball); Michelle Bradley (Softball); Caylee Cool (Softball); Michelle Glenn (Softball); Kelsey Gonzalez (Softball); Kalyn Harker (Softball); Taylor Harris (Softball); Kara Kimball (Soft- ball); Brittney Lang (Softball); Lacey Newbold (Softball); Jayna Spivey (Softball); Meredith Wilson (Softball); Alyssa Wunderlich (Softball); Jessica Anderson (Women's Swimming); Helena Amorim (Women's Swimming); Rachael Barry (Women's Swimming); Anna Beeck (Women's Swimming); Pamela Benitez (Women's Swimming); Shailey Brumley (Women's Swimming); Mardi Buchanan (Women's Swimming); Fengting Chen (Women's Swimming); Kiley Handley (Women's Swimming); Kristy Hinkle (Women's Swimming); Hollis Johnson (Women's Swimming); Melissa Larocque (Women's Swimming); Isabela Martins Castro (Women's Swimming); Marcella Otto (Women's Swimming); Katy Ovington (Women's Swimming); Carly Schlupp (Women's Swimming); Austyn Sigler (Women's Swimming); Luisa Silveira (Women's Swimming); Morgan Timms (Women's Swimming); Brittany Weigel (Women's Swimming); Kaixuan Zhang (Women's Swimming); Gisela Cairo Baza (Women's Tennis); Melanie Delsart (Women's Tennis); Siera Hasler (Women's Tennis); Anita Lee (Women's Tennis); Korey Love (Women's Tennis); Abigail Plecki (Women's Tennis); Anastacia Simons (Women's Tennis); Natasha Tomishima (Women's Tennis); Remy Abrought (Women's Track & Field); Alyssa Allison (Women's Track & Field); Laquitsha Bejoile-Hayes (Women's Track & Field); Lauren Cheadle (Women's Track & Field); Sadie Darnell (Women's Track & Field); Erica Ernst (Women's Track & Field); Ellen Esling (Women's Track & Field); Kimberly Fortney (Women's Track & Field); Kelley Gallagher (Women's Track & Field); Allison Gallo (Women's Track & Field); Lacey Gibson (Women's Track & Field); Caselyn Harding (Women's Track & Field); Kristen Levi (Women's Track & Field); Jacqueline Lintzenich (Women's Track & Field); So- phia Lozano (Women's Track & Field); Julia Mangler (Women's Track & Field); Melissa McDonald (Women's Track & Field); Sarah McIntosh (Women's Track & Field); Alexandria Melton (Women's Track & Field); Krista Menghini (Women's Track & Field); Elana Minsberg (Women's Track & Field); Nina Okafor (Women's Track & Field); Victoria Parry (Women's Track & Field); Brooke Patton (Women's Track & Field); Jalen Peet (Women's Track & Field); Sarah Rautio (Women's Track & Field); Mobola Rotibi (Women's Track & Field); Eileen Schweiss (Women's Track & Field); Evelyn Scott (Women's Track & Field); Kaylyn Shaw (Women's Track & Field); Autumn Shearer (Women's Track & Field); Tess Shubert (Women's Track & Field); Madeline Sopena (Women's Track & Field); Nirupama Sunderraj (Women's Track & Field); Amiris Warren (Women's Track & Field); McKenzie White (Women's Track & Field); Ashley Zissler (Women's Track & Field); Alysia Armstrong (Volleyball); Elly Braaten (Volleyball); Rachael Brown (Volleyball); Chelsea Cunningham (Volleyball); Amy Drabant (Volleyball); Sarah James (Volleyball); Emily Less (Volleyball); Taylor Pippen (Volleyball); Megan Viggars (Volleyball); Jessica Whitehead (Volleyball); Bailey Yeager (Volleyball)