New Southern Illinois Logo Unveiled

    Athletics Director Paul Kowalczyk unveils new Saluki logos

    Athletics Director Paul Kowalczyk unveils new Saluki logos
    CARBONDALE, Ill. - The Southern Illinois University athletic department unveiled it's new logo Wednesday, the first redesign since 1971.

    Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk displayed the logo to fans and media who were in attendance at the afternoon press conference in Lingle Hall.

    "The logo is an important part of an institution's identity," Kowalczyk said. "It's a source of pride."

    Kowalczyk, who headed the committee which steered the logo design, listed the qualities the committee believes the new logo represents.

    "The Saluki is a hunting dog that is loyal, independent, long-lasting, spirited, fast, clever, athletic, enduring, faithful and far-seeing," he said.

    After the press conference, fans and media were invited to McAndrew Stadium to see the new logo displayed on the new Astroplay turf field.

    SIU Head Football Coach Jerry Kill Shows Off New Saluki Helmet Logo
    Head football coach Jerry Kill was also on hand to show off the new Saluki football helmet.

    "The new logo looks real good on the helmet," he said. "The players are excited. It's a logo we can be proud of."

    The new logos were designed by Phoenix Design Works in New York. A committee of 13 members participated in the new logo design process. There are several logo variations, including a paw print and custom logos for each sport.

    The new logos will be displayed on all official athletic department publications and SIU merchandise.