Ask the AD -- August Edition

    Sept. 1, 2012

    This is the latest installment of our monthly feature called, "Ask the AD." If you have questions for Saluki Director of Athletics Mario Moccia, feel free to submit them by e-mail.

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    Now that the track complex is complete, any update on women's soccer being added in the future?

    At the present time, our fiscal situation would not allow us to add women's soccer, but it still remains as the most probable future sport. With seven of the 10 MVC teams sponsoring women's soccer, and an additional 25-plus women on the roster, it makes sense from both a conference and enrollment standpoint.

    Just wondering why we aren't seeing more of the Saluki Dawg logo represented on apparel and merchandise? Is it being phased out?

    Merchandise for sale at the Bookstore, on our website or in shops around town are designed by individuals outside the Athletic Department. While we ultimately approve new designs through the Collegiate Licensing Company and have internally gotten away from the Dog Head logo, we have made no requirements at all concerning what can and cannot be on merchandise.

    As an alum, Saluki Way donor, SASF donor and holder of three sports seasons tickets, I am tired of reading about basketball players who get arrested. Have you considered making an iron-clad rule to withdraw any athlete's scholarship who is convicted of a crime?

    When these situations occur, my first emotion is often disappointment, followed by anger. Many times, legal issues are not cut and dry, and there are extenuating circumstances and different versions of stories. I know of no other institution that has a blanket policy such as your question suggests. When situations arise, the administration, coaches, University officials and oftentimes members of the police force are consulted for the most appropriate punishment that will also deter future wrongdoing.

    Would you please consider implementing a standard rule that tailgaters must be packed and out of the lot within two hours of the end of the game. This will let us all know the expectations and help the police do their jobs.

    The University does have a standard tailgating policy located here ( This tailgating policy is current and I believe the confusion between fans and staff is semantics. Most of our policies on "tailgating" are directly related to controlling and ensuring safe alcohol consumption on campus. In my discussions with our Game Ops. Director Andy Pettit, and Director of Public Safety Todd Sigler the intents of the policy is as follows:

    Lots open for tailgating (food, fellowship, safe and legal alcohol consumption) 5 hours prior to kick-off and ends at game time. Tailgating (alcohol consumption) will not resume after the game.

    In the past two years at Saluki Stadium, traffic has almost always been cleared in less than 30 minutes. During that time, Saluki Athletics and the Department of Public Safety have no objections to groups waiting out the traffic while they enjoy a couple of brats, but will restrict the consumption of post-game alcohol. All lots will be cleared 1 hour after the conclusion of the game.

    Have you considered giving season-ticket holders complimentary or discounted "All-Access" passes to the video and radio streams so we can enjoy the games when we cannot make it there?

    That area is under the auspice of Saluki Sports Properties, our multimedia rights holder. Per your question I have asked them to inquire through our streaming provider if a discount can be given and it looks like it might be possible. Right now, we are not sure whether it is practical from a logistical standpoint but are in the process of getting more data on the subject. If this can be done without dedicating significant personnel hours to it we will give it serious consideration as a thank you and a value added item to our season ticket holders.