Ask the AD- October Edition

    Oct. 31, 2011

    This is the latest installment of our monthly feature called, "Ask the AD." If you have questions for Saluki Director of Athletics Mario Moccia, feel free to submit them by e-mail.

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    I read that Air Force wants to join the MVC. What is the process for that happening and how likely do you think it is?

    There was a brief discussion with an official from the Air Force Academy and the Missouri Valley Conference, as was reported a few weeks ago. As you know, discussions of this nature are highly sensitive, with the talk of conference realignment impacting virtually all conferences, regardless of the "level" of the leagues. There is always a process for a member institution to exit a conference, as well as a process to be admitted. And conference bylaws from league to league can be radically different. Many have financial stipulations, voting by a certain percentage (or number) of conference schools, and all decisions are made at the campus CEO level. I won't speculate on the likelihood of this addition, but I do know that a big focus on any MVC expansion candidate institution would be the ability to make our league better from a men's basketball standpoint, given the nature on how the NCAA Tournament generates income for all 10 schools. Geography will also come into play, as well as balance of number of schools and plenty of other factors. All ADs expressed confidence in having Commissioner Doug Elgin field these calls and keep the membership informed.