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     Front Row: Makenzie Karl, Hannah Schmitz, Michaila Adrian, Danica Snyder, Victoria McGuire
    Second Row: Emily Kuberski, Rachel Clendenin, Madison Forby, Sydney Swalls, Kalli Dover, Jazmin Gonzalez
    Third Row: Avona Green, Witney Reese, Amelia French, Darious Morris, Hunter Mumaw, Emilee Tabing, Macy Pesavento


    For more information, contact head coach Karl Brown

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    If you're considering cheering at SIU, thank you for your interest. Hopefully this page will answer many of your questions. If you'd like to be notified about tryouts and clinics, see the Email Updates section below.
    Get Email Updates!
    If you are considering trying out at SIU in the next few years (or you're a cheer coach who'd like to stay informed), please let us know! We'll keep you updated on SIU tryouts and any clinics we have. All you have to do is answer the following questions in an email to
    1. Your name, your address with town and zipcode, and your cell phone number.
    2. Who do or did you cheer for?
    3. What year will you graduate high school? (Or if you already graduated, when might you tryout for SIU?)
    4. What unspotted standing tumbling do you have?
    5. What's your best unspotted tumbling pass? What about on a non-spring floor?
    6. What's your coed stunting experience? Best stunt?
    7. What colleges are you considering?
    8. How'd you hear about Saluki Cheerleading?
    9. What's your GPA and ACT score? Any ideas what you'll major in?

    What We're About

    We are a program that is in the rebuilding progress at SIU, and we're not running a "cheer factory." We care about your education and your personal development because those are the main factors in how enjoyable and successful your life will be.
    The vision for the squad is that we work together, have fun together, and encourage and support one another like family. We treat people how they want to be treated, and when conflicts arise we handle them with open honest communication. Preparing our team for competition we steadily progress our skills and fitness level by working hard at practice and outside practice, and we go out of our way to help our teammate's progress. At games, we believe we can help then team win by leading the crowd, and we will do it better than anyone in the country.
    Off the court, we represent ourselves, the squad, and the university in a manner we can all be proud of. We attend all our classes and do the work the professors ask, which leads to everyone graduating with a high GPA. Any when it is time to have fun, we do it in a responsible manner so that it doesn't hurt our squad or our academics. We take pride in everything we do, and we are willing to work hard to make something to be proud of. The following values define how we try to act in everything we do:
    Academics first
    Care about the program
    Humble confidence
    Improve continuously through disciplined habits
    Encourage each other
    Vigilant accountability
    Enjoy the college cheer experience


    In addition to getting one of the best educations in the Midwest, living in a awesome college ton, and cheering at the best college football and basketball venues in the country, SIU cheerleaders receive:
      • A cheerleading stipend
      • Two tickets to each home football game and basketball game
      • Uniforms, shoes, and warm-ups provided by SIU
      • Per diems during travel to away games
      • Access to SIU Athletics' trainers, nutritionists, sport psychologist, weight room (one of the best in the country), and strength and condition staff
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What's the time commitment of cheering at SIU?
    On average, we have two/three 2-hour practices per week, one game per week and two 1-hour strength and conditioning workouts. Everyone has to cheer games during the holiday breaks and there are summer obligations. We also encourage squad members to go to open gyms, but it is not required.
    Is there a weight or size requirement?
    Nope. However, as with any sport, certain physical attributes can make the sport much easier or more difficult for you. Also, SIU cheerleaders are front-line representatives of the university, so they are expected to be in excellent physical shape.
    Can girls make the squad who only based stunts in high school?
    Yes! Saluki Cheerleading in a combination of "coed" and "all girl" at this time.
    What are the tryout requirements?
    Tumbling, tumbling, and more tumbling. Girls will need to run an 8 minute mile to be considered for the team. Boys need to run a mile comparable to their size. Strength, positive attitude, outgoing personality, good time management skills, and the ability to get along with others are all requirements for this program.