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    The Saluki Priority Point Program

    Message from the Athletic Director
    SASF Brochure
    Priority Points Appeals Form

    Program Purpose: The goal of the Saluki Priority Point Program is to appropriately recognize you, our valued supporter, while directing resources on an annual basis to where they are needed most. Priority points will be earned only via donations to the Saluki Athletic Scholarship Fund. Priority points will ultimately determine access to regular season seating and parking privileges as well as priority for post-season tickets. This Saluki Priority Point Program will provide a systematic and orderly process to address these demands in a manner that is fair to all.

    Active SASF members earn points from the criteria listed below:

    • Current SASF donation
    • Total lifetime giving to the athletic department (Since 1985)
    • Consecutive years purchasing season tickets for football and basketball (Since 1992)
    • Consecutive years of membership in the SASF (Since 2005)
    • Southern Illinois University Alumni Lifetime Membership
    • Former Southern Illinois University Letter Winner
    • Signing up new members to the SASF
    • Saluki Way Contributions

    Each active SASF member (men's basketball, women's basketball, football) receives a priority point ranking. The ranking is based on the total priority points each donor has earned. Rankings and Priority Points are updated throughout the year as donors have the opportunity to accumulate additional points by making donations, purchasing season tickets and referring new members. Each active member receives a ranking among the total number of current members. The ranking is based on the total priority points each donor has earned. Rankings can continuously change as donors have the opportunity to accumulate additional points by referring new members, making additional donations and purchasing season tickets each year. Active SASF members who wish to take advantage of annual fund benefits such as parking, football and basketball season ticket upgrades, and all post-season game tickets will be rewarded based on their ranking within their giving level.

    How are Priority Points determined?
    Points will be earned on a one-time as well as an annual basis. One-time base points are determined on previous giving history and carry over each year. Annual points are cumulative and are earned each year. This process meshes loyalty with the importance of donation levels. Members will be informed of the point totals annually.

    One-Time Points
    One-time points are awarded to SASF accounts once and carry over each year. Below are ways one-time points are earned.

    • 1 Point- For every $200 donated to any athletic account between 1985 and 2004, this includes restricted giving to individual sports accounts and capital campaigns. 1985 is the earliest year that accurate records are documented by the SIU Foundation.

    • 3 Points- SIU Faculty/Staff Member

    • 3 Points- SIU Alumni Association Life Member

    • 4 Points- Southern Illinois University Letter Winner (at least one varsity letter while at SIU)

    Annual Points
    Annual points are awarded to SASF accounts each year based on the criteria below.

    • 1 Point- For every $100 of current calendar year gifts to the SASF (Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund). This ONLY applies to gifts made within the calendar year (July 1-June 30) towards the SASF, which is the annual student-athlete scholarship fund. A pledge is NOT counted until payment has been received.

    • 1 Point- For each $100 donated by newly recruited SASF member. Donors who take the initiative to find new donors to the SASF and the Athletic Department are rewarded for their dedication and loyalty. The new donor MUST submit referrals in writing at the time of the donation.

    • 1 Point- For each $100 contributed toward the Saluki Way facility project. This project included the renovation of SIU Arena and the construction of a new football stadium.

    • 1 Point- For each consecutive year of membership in the SIU Letter Winners Club.

    • 2 Points- For each consecutive year of membership in the SASF. Donors who annually give to the SASF are also rewarded for their support year after year. Only applies to donors who have last made a donation during the current giving year.

    • 3 Points- For every consecutive year of season tickets since 1992 (of the same sport regardless of quantity) purchased in the sports of men's basketball, football and women's basketball. For each sport, fans are rewarded for their loyalty with 3 points for each consecutive year of tickets purchased per sport. This ONLY applies to accounts that have purchased tickets for the sports' most current season.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Priority Points

    1. If the SASF already has donor levels, what is the purpose of the point system?
    A: The purpose of the Priority Point System is to reward SASF members and season ticket holders. In addition, a priority points system promotes annual giving by providing an objective, competitive fundraising vehicle. The point system will in no way replace our giving levels. You are still required to be at the specific giving levels for MVC tickets, post season tournament tickets, parking, etc. The Priority Point System will allow for an organized ranking of donors within each giving level for various allocations.

    2. Will the Priority Points System impact where I sit in the New Arena?
    A: Yes. The exact process for reseating SIU Arena has not been completed. However, priority points will play a part in the determination of "order" of seat selection.

    3. What can I do if I feel my point totals are incorrect?
    A: If you feel the accounting of priority points on your account is incorrect, please CLICK HERE to download a simple "Priority Point appeals form" that must be completed in full and returned to SASF office with an accompanying letter explaining the nature of your appeal.

    4. Your records only go back to 1992, can I receive credit for season ticket purchases prior to that date?
    A: No. Unfortunately due to poor historical records SIU is unable to verify season ticket purchases prior to 1992. If you believe your account is not properly credited for tickets dating back to 1992, please download the priority point appeals form above and return with a letter outlining your season ticket history and copies of your documentation.

    5. Is the Priority Point System utilized in determining the location of my MVC Basketball Tournament tickets?
    A: Yes. Your accounts Priority Point total within your SASF annual giving level is utilized when allocating MVC Tournament tickets. Example: John Smith contributed $600 to the SASF (Saluki Gold club level, $600 - $999) and his rank within his club level is 10 out of 250. When MVC Basketball Tournament tickets are allocated all Saluki Champion, Saluki Council, Saluki Maroon, Saluki Platinum, and AD's Circle club members with orders will be allocated prior to John Smith as well as the nine SASF members within his club level with higher priority point totals.

    6. Do Saluki Way donors receive Priority Points?
    A: Yes. Individuals making gifts to the Saluki Way project and other capital projects receive credit in the lifetime giving portion of their account providing they are current donors to the SASF. You must have a current annual gift in order to activate all points.

    7. I am a Life Member to the SIU Alumni Association, do I get points for that membership?
    A: Yes. Life members to the Alumni Association who can be verified and will receive 3 points one-time basis.

    8. When will point system rankings be run and for what purposes?
    A: Member ranking will change constantly with each gift to the athletic department. Ranking will be used for football and basketball season ticket upgrades, parking locations, and post-season basketball tournaments (MVC & NCAA).

    9. As a new donor, how do I obtain the best benefits available?
    A: The quickest way to accumulate points is to maximize the amount of your current SASF annual gift. This will allow you to accumulate points rapidly as well as place you in the best possible position to receive SASF benefits allocations (i.e. football playoff games, MVC, & NCAA Tournaments).

    10. I am not exactly sure as to how the points system works and how my points are calculated. Who can I talk to?
    A: If you have specific or more detailed questions about the priority points system or would like more information on ways to increase your priority point totals, please contact the SASF office at 618-453-3148.

    11. My spouse and I are both Life Members to the Alumni Association. Are we both awarded priority points?
    A: Priority Points are awarded per account. If you donate jointly, you would only receive priority points once for Lifetime Membership to the Alumni Association. If you donate and purchase season tickets independently of each other, then each of you would receive priority points because you have your own account. In addition, this is the case with faculty/staff status as well as being a member of the SIU Letter Winners Club.