7/17/2014 - Dawgtracker

    Summer update on Saluki Football and Men's Basketball

    School starts one month from now and here's a quick, off-season update on the football and men's basketball teams.

    6/24/2014 - Dawgtracker

    MVC Men's Basketball coaches offer summer updates on their programs

    The Missouri Valley Conference had its annual summer teleconference featuring men's basketball head coaches and here's a synopsis of each coach's remarks.

    5/16/2014 - Dawgtracker

    Flame-throwing Sam Coonrod could be early pick in MLB Draft

    Southern Illinois junior pitcher Sam Coonrod did not get a chance to ease into his collegiate career. His first appearance in a Saluki uniform came as a true freshman in 2012 against North Florida.

    5/8/2014 - Dawgtracker

    Saluki Softball senior class hopes to grind out more wins at MVC...

    While they may not be flashy personalities off the field, the five-member senior class that includes Ashton, Taylor Orsburn, Jayna Spivey, Allie VadeBoncouer and Michelle Glenn have provided lots of excitement on the diamond.

    4/29/2014 - Dawgtracker

    Freshman class making smooth transition for Saluki Softball

    Saluki Softball's freshman class wasn't the most cohesive bunch when they first arrived on campus.

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