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    Southern Illinois sophomore pitcher Lee Weld is keeping a blog throughout the entire 2011 season. Weld, who is going to miss the entire season because of a shoulder injury, will talk about his rehab and what is going on with the Saluki baseball program in his blog.

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    May 18, 2011

    Hello Saluki Baseball Fans,

    As we're winding our season down to the conference tournament, I wanted to give you a preview of the last weekend and the run up to the tournament. We have one weekend series left against Indiana State, which will begin a day earlier than our usual series by starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday.

    This last weekend is really important since it is usually a good springboard into the tournament that starts on Tuesday, May 24. Indiana State is right behind us in the standings, so it is important that we do well to keep the distance and maybe pick up on some games by the teams in front of us.

    Our team has also switched up the pitching rotation to have Cody Forsythe start our first game of the series, which means he will also be our opening starter in the conference tournament. Our coaches tried to plan it that way because of the success that Cody has had this year during conference.

    A little look at how we do things for the conference tournament, such as travel and things that happen before are this. We come back from our series with Indiana State on Saturday night after the game and head out to Omaha on Sunday, leaving Carbondale around 2 p.m. It's about a nine or ten hour trip, so we'll get into Omaha pretty late that night.

    Once we get there, we'll get our rooms and get some sleep. On Monday, we wake up to get some breakfast and then head to the field to practice in our slotted times that the conference gives us. After we practice, we head back to the hotel to shower and get dressed up for the banquet.

    The banquet is where we get a meal provided for us by the conference and they give a rundown of all the seasons each team has had. They also announce All-Conference selections for each position and other assorted awards.

    After the banquet, we'll all head back to the hotel. When we get back, Coach Finigan and the pitchers will probably go over the scouting report for the team that we play on Tuesday in our opening game. It's always important to go into the game with some sort of a plan of how we're going to attack their hitters.

    When we get done going over the scouting report, guys will head back to their rooms to get some rest before the opening of the tournament. During the tournament, we don't take batting practice (BP) on the field like we usually do, so we get to the field with enough time for BP in the cages and then stretching and taking infield and outfield. Since they play four games in one day, it's important that every game starts on time and it's quick in between.

    That's basically everything that will be happening in the next two weeks, but I'll be back to write another blog after the conference tournament is over.

    Hope to see a lot of Saluki baseball fans at our games in the next few weeks!

    Thanks for reading and go Dawgs!

    Lee Weld #29