Saluki Baseball Dugout Club

    Last Updated February17, 2015

    Former Saluki Cody Forsythe

    Thank you for your interest in the Saluki baseball program. The Dugout Club is the official support group of Saluki Baseball. 100 percent of all donations go to Saluki baseball and in no way to assist any individual. We use your donations for team travel, uniforms, practice gear and equipment, to name just a few. We are very well aware that you have numerous choices as to where your donation dollars go, and we greatly appreciate that so many of you feel we are important enough and worthy of your support.

    For more information on how to become a Saluki Baseball Dugout Club Member, download theDugout Club BrochureGet Acrobat Reader

    Dugout Club Members

    MVP ($2,500 and Above)

    Robert Hardcastle
    Tim and Kerrie Klein
    Jerome Mileur
    Linda and Tom North
    Jim and Pam Williams

    Grand Slam ($1,000-$2,499)
    Brent and Angela Sabo
    Ron Covers
    Bob Richter
    The Hill Gang

    Home Run ($500-$599)
    Robert and Shirley Anderson
    George and Sandy Andrews
    Stacy, Alexa, and Carly Callahan
    Tom and Jean Caulfield
    Drs. Kent and Nina Collins
    Greg and Nancy Cook
    Greg and Chris Easley
    Robert and Celeste Fleming
    Bob, Phyllis, Emily, Will, and Lucas Geary
    Julie and Dan Netemeyer
    Denny Pastor
    Kurt and Ruth Reid
    Todd and Melinda Rolland
    H.B. and Kim Sablotny
    Doug and Becky Sarcia
    Pete and Tami Schlosser
    Cory and Rachel Schrank
    Joe Strain

    Triple ($250-$499)
    Ron and MaryAnne Ayers
    Donnie L. Baird
    Jim Baird
    John and Leslie Baird
    Jackie Baird and Chris Banker
    Tom and Jeannie Baugh
    Gary, Rhonda, and Sydney Bockhorn
    Lee's Sports/ Mike Borowiak
    Randy and Judy Braun
    Kay Brechtelsbauer
    Dave and Kim Brede
    Doug and Michelle Dorris
    Gregg and Mary Finigan
    Mike Welch and Candace Ford
    Jerry and Suzanne Green
    Chris and Ann Gualdoni
    Ron Heerlyn
    Steve Higgerson
    Charlie Hillemann
    Brad, Kaylee, Braden, and Keegan Heuring
    John Hoscheidt
    Larry and Patty Jackson
    Walter B. Jaehnig
    Jason and Tricia King
    Dave and Lori Kopach
    Shirley and Joe Koski
    Mackie's Pizza
    Reid Martin
    Bill McMinn
    Mark and Heidi Murphy
    Nick and Janet Nickason
    Michael and Whitney Nolan
    Michael and Cheryl Osifcin
    Richard Peterson
    Dennis Rathjen
    Judy Rawls
    Mike Reis
    Ray Rippelmeyer
    Dr. Ronald D. Schaefer
    Barry and Dena Schrimsher
    Bob Schroeck
    Rick and Diane Schwab
    The Shea Family
    Tim Starinieri
    Jim Starnes
    George and Susanne Taylor
    Scott A. Waltemate
    Ed Walter
    Ken and Beverly Wilson

    Double ($100-$249)
    Charles D. McCann and Marcia E. Allen
    Keith and Vickey Ambler
    Jeff and Diane Baine
    Allan G. Bennett
    Jeff and Sara Berkbigler
    Cyrus Blackfan
    Dave and Nancy Blackfan
    John Blackfan
    William Bleyer
    Joe and Sally Bryant
    Mark and Jean Bullock
    Alexa Callahan
    Ann Callahan
    Rick, Karen, Hannah, and Madison Campbell
    Derek and Monica Casillas
    Brad Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Collins
    Karen Condon
    Brad and Michelle Cosgrove
    Dave Croft
    Sean and Chris Curtis
    Neil Dillard
    Matt and Lora Dinnon
    Steve and Stephanie Dollinger
    Mike and Jane Eaton
    Mark and Barbara Eisenstein
    John and Anna Emrick
    The Farmer Family
    Gene Ferguson
    Jack and Pat Fletcher
    Jack and Mary Gabler
    Karissa and Grant Gerrard
    Rusty GibsonMatt Giegling
    Scott Gierman
    Kris and Susan Glintborg
    Paul Gossett
    Don Henry
    Ron and Caren Holderman
    Mike and Angela Hutchins
    Nick Hutchins
    Dennis Johnson
    Judith L. Johnson
    Aaron and Julie Jones
    Shawn Joy
    James and Sharon Kessler
    Mike and Ellen Kirkpatrick
    Rich and Mary Klein
    Ken and Mary Klump
    Luddy and Marianne Kogoy
    Phil and Kellie Kunz
    Charles and Patricia Lambert
    Greg and Felicia Lambert
    Ron and Janice Lantrip
    Katie and Bob Lashbrook
    Tom Keyser and Constance Lindsey
    Jim and Mary Manis
    Marion Toyota
    David Martin
    Jim Martin
    Mike and Lois McConnell
    Judge Mike McCuskey
    John and Gerry McFadden
    Mark and Cindy McFadden
    Jorja Merrick
    The Mosleys
    Scott, Amy, and Wes Neece
    Dan and Ruth Nelson
    Vern Netemeyer
    Man Nguyen
    Kevin Osborne
    Bob Ouellette
    Jeff Powell
    Doug and Jodie Pruemer
    Steve Quigley
    Debbie and Larry Randa
    Jim and Joan Reeves
    Jake and Carolyn Rendleman
    Al and Lynn Riddley
    Dewey Robinson
    Jeanette and Paul Rommelmann
    John Roseberry
    Patti and Chad Roseboom
    Kelly Ross
    Jim, Brad and Chrissy Ruppert
    Mike Russell
    Harry Sablotny
    Dennis Schley
    Danny Schwab
    Mark Sharf
    John Siebel Ph.D.
    Jim Smith
    Clint Smothers
    Adam and Brenna Snyder
    Matt and Karna Swalls
    Larry Tucker
    Mike Vanhorn
    Bill and Lee Ann Vicars
    Charlotte West
    Doug and Sara Whitmer
    Merlin and Jan Whitmer

    Single ($50-$99)
    Jim and Lynne Adduci
    Dave Baird
    Larry and Joyce Barbec
    Melvin R. Barrett
    Randy and Tracy Bloemer
    Georgia Bloss
    Mary Brigham
    Pat and Connie Cook
    Mike and Dana Crouse
    Jackie and Larry Fichter
    Willie Floyd
    R. Van Goethem
    Donna Granath
    Greg Granath
    Dan and Gina Hartleb
    Robert Holderman
    Rondey and Kristine Holderman
    Julie and Scott Kaiser
    In Memory of Dan and Gene Callahan- Lana and John R. Keith
    Kathryn Kramer
    Christopher and Christine Lambert
    Al and Mary Lou Manning
    Carl Mauck
    Drs. Robert and Karla Mees
    Bruce and Krista Mellen
    Lee and Cindy Meyer
    Jerry O'Grady
    Lisa Rommelmann
    Dorothy Russell
    Tina Shingleton
    Jim and Susan Swisher
    Dale and Barb Terry
    Darren Wilkinson
    Carol Ziegler