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    Jan. 13, 2014

    By Chelsea Cunningham

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    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Southern Illinois hosts Northern Iowa on Tuesday at 7:05 p.m. The last time the teams met, SIU won on Senior Night behind an 18-point outing by Desmar Jackson and a 14-point, 8-rebound night by Jeff Early. SIU played its best defensive game of the conference season, holding the visitors to 38 percent shooting and forcing 16 turnovers.

    Northern Iowa (9-7, 3-1) at Southern Illinois (5-12, 1-3)
     Date Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014
     Time 7:05 p.m. CT
     Location Carbondale, Ill. -SIU Arena
     Radio Saluki Sports Network
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    The Last Meeting
    Northern Iowa57
    Southern Illinois63
    February 27, 2013
    Carbondale, Ill.
    Men's Basketball tops Northern Iowa, 63-57, on Senior Night
    Southern Illinois extended its home winning streak to five games -- the longest home winning streak since 2009, by beating Northern Iowa on Senior Night at SIU Arena, 63-57.

    Coach Hinson Transcript

    Q: How big is it to keep UNI out of transition? They do pretty well in transition.
    A: I think the fans will appreciate this: I've been in the league since 1999-2000 and they're the same team that I've looked at for the last 14 years. I mean we even played them when I was at Kansas and they had great success against them. But this is Northern Iowa - it's just what they do. Lots of tall guys that can make shots, lots of set plays that make you end up playing their style of play, and you know they're a lot better than what their record is because they played the toughest non-conference schedule in the league. They're prepared and they're a good basketball team. This is a team that I've said all along, I picked Indiana State second, but I've said all along that this is a team that can finish second in the league. I don't think they're better than Wichita State, but I think they can beat Wichita State.

    Q: They're very balanced offensively. What kind of different defensive looks will you give them in this game? I assume you'll give them more than zone.
    A: What you just said is why I think they're so good, because they are balanced. Our thought process going into this game is just like any other game right now. It's what is our best matchup for those guys. Now we obviously have played some games with zone. Take for example Evansville the other night: 90 percent of their defense is man but 80 percent of the game was zone. We could do the same thing. Or it may not be zone. It may be man. It just kind of goes with matchups and we'll base our defense based on who's out on the floor.

    Q: Do you plan on starting the same five?
    A: You know what, I don't know. It's a day-to-day deal with us. It's all based on how these guys practice. I don't like starting Jalen. I don't like that. He does better coming off the bench. We're rather limited with our rotations, so we've got to make some choices.

    Q: (Wes) Washpun gives them a little more athleticism than usual, doesn't he?
    A: Yeah he does. As a matter of fact, he and (Deon) Mitchell are a thorn in the paw. I think those two guys right there make them go, because everybody else can spot up. Those guys can beat anybody off the floor with the dribble. This is a team that beat VCU. VCU is good and they were able to be as athletic as VCU's guards and get to the paint and distribute. So those are the two guys we need to be concerned about.

    Q: How have you seen Seth Tuttle's game mature and develop this year?
    A: I haven't had a chance to see it probably as much as everyone else has but the one thing Seth can do is he can pop out and make shots, he can go out on you a drive you. That's really unorthodox really for guys his size. To me he's like a European player - he's like a (Dirk) Nowitzki. He can go out, take you off the dribble, shoot the basketball and he's the leading rebounder in the Valley so that just shows you how good his game is.

    Q: Twenty-five threes is maybe a little too many...what's a good number for you guys?
    A: Oh, way too many. I've always said this. I think for any team, around 15 3's is a good balance. I've got a great stat for you. The other night in the second half, and it wasn't because we weren't yelling it because we were yelling it every time down the floor, we had 34 possessions the other night. Eleven times the ball went inside the paint. We scored 11 times when it went in the paint. We had 23 possessions when it didn't go in the paint - we scored once. Once out of 23 possessions when it didn't get inside the paint. Everybody right now is harping on how our inside game's not great. Well it's a catch 22. Our guards aren't throwing it inside and it doesn't give us an opportunity. Like the other night, after watching film, Davante Drinkard may have been our best player on the floor. When we got him the ball inside, he made some good things happen - whether by scoring or by throwing it out for the assist. I know we're limited somewhat with our inside players, but we've got to do a better job at getting it in there.

    Q: You guys are communicating on the floor better. How do you get the consistency and the energy to make that on an every game basis?
    A: It's hard to change spots on leopards. What I mean by that is I've got a bunch of guys out there that are typically quiet. If you went to church with Anthony Beane, the only thing you may hear the entire time is `amen' and that's after the preacher says it. So he's not going to say a lot. And consequently we've talked about that. His role has changed. Now that Marcus (Fillyaw) is out, we've got to have that guy out there talking and that's certainly not his forte. He'll go a whole game where he doesn't open his mouth at all. We've got to get him where he'll do that. We had a saying a couple of weeks ago where we said `if you're not talking, you're being selfish.' We've got to get these guys to open up their mouths.

    Q: Is that a key offensively against a zone? At least letting Davante touch it or someone on the inside touch it first?
    A: I think getting the basketball inside and knowing what we're doing. We didn't make a big deal about it, I think you guys know it, we didn't even come up here and talk about Marcus. But that hurt us. That hurt us a lot. I don't care who you are, if you take your starting point guard out of your program and it's going to really bother you and there's an adjustment period in there. For us to have an adjustment period of one day, that wasn't long enough. We've got to get through this with Marcus right now and my gut feeling is we may not have him the rest of the year. So, with that being said, somebody's got to step to the forefront and be our point guard.

    Q: Is Desmar going to be able to play 35-plus a game?
    A: No. He may have to, but we don't want that. That's something we talked about Sunday at our staff meeting after watching film. Dez didn't have any legs. It looked like he was running in concrete. We all looked like that. Certainly we are very cognizant of the fresh legs approach, but at the same time this is the dog days of college basketball right now. This is conference play. You look at our schedule this week. We play on Tuesday. Well okay you've got Bradley on Friday. You can't take Wednesday off and just practice on Thursday because you're traveling Thursday. It's a catch 22. It's just kind of the part. It's what you've got to do. You've got to be mentally and physically tough this time of year.

    Q: Will it help to get back into some sort of routine?
    A: Yes. I like the routine. I hate this - we can't stay in the dormitories over break. We have to move to a hotel. So we're really out of sync. When you've got guys that live in the dorms every day and next thing you know you're living a month in a hotel, it really takes you out of sync. So I'm glad to be back in a routine and I certainly think this will help us incredibly. It helps everybody on teams across the country.

    Q: How critical is it for you guys to get the first home conference win?
    A: Well, to me, I think it's just critical for us to win. You need to win at home. The Wichita State game just had a lot on the plate for that game, but I was really disappointed in the Evansville game. Our fans did everything they were supposed to do to get us going and we just didn't recover. That's one of the things we talked about on Sunday. We talked about that over and over and over. So hopefully we'll play with a lot more energy. This team we play tomorrow night beat the team that just beat us at home - beat them on the road by 27. We've got to bring our A game. If we don't, we'll get our tails whooped.