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    Tyler Smithpeters
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    Jan. 28, 2014

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Southern Illinois (6-15, 2-6) hosts Indiana State (16-4, 7-1) on Wednesday at 7:05 p.m. at SIU Arena. The Salukis are 38-7 all-time at SIU Arena against the Sycamores. From 1982 to 2005, Southern won 24-straight home games against ISU. Since then, the Sycamores have claimed victories in 2006, 2009 and 2011.

    The K9 Crew Frisbee Dogs will perform at halftime.

    Southern Illinois (6-15, 2-6) vs. Indiana State (14-6, 7-1)
     Date Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2014
     Time 7:05 p.m. CT
     Location Carbondale, Ill. - SIU Arena
     Radio Saluki Sports Network
     TV WSIU
     Video Stream Saluki All-Access
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    The Last Meeting
    Southern Illinois65
    Indiana State66
    February 9, 2013
    Terre Haute, Ind.
    Indiana State survives scare from Men's Basketball, 66-65
    Indiana State survived a scare in their quest for a potential at-large NCAA Tournament bid as Jake Odum banked home the game-winning shot with 18 seconds remaining for a 66-65 win over last-place Southern Illinois.

    Barry Hinson press conference

    Q: How do you keep (Jake) Odum under wraps tomorrow night?

    A: Our biggest concern is obviously what they do offensively and they have five guys who are averaging double figures, but what we really need to focus on is us. It's been like that from the start of the season and it will continue to be that way. I think we got into somewhat of a groove yesterday but with only about six or seven players. We have to get somebody off that bench to help us just a little bit so that we don't have to play five guys for 30 minutes, but if that's what we have to do it will be done.

    Q: Do these players need to score when they come off the bench?

    A: Well, not necessarily. I think they need to be a threat. They have to be able to get an offensive rebound or go get fouled or have the ability to get someone else to get a really good shot. You don't have to be a scorer to help out offensively and we're trying to get some guys to do that, and if they do that it will make us better.

    Q: How was your guy's verbal energy at Missouri State?

    A: It was pretty good but at practice it was a different story. No joke at practice yesterday we literally made them scream certain things. We are literally teaching our guys how to talk, and it's the first time in 33 years where we have had to do this. Just basically make these guys open up their mouth and scream the things that need to be said on the floor for everybody to understand.

    Q: Are you at the point where you just throw the basketball out there and say you guys have to figure this out yourself?

    A: You know Todd I've asked a lot of people when you don't have a leader, what do you do? Coach (Bill) Self had always said, `if there's not a leader then it has to be you' so there will never be a day in my life where I throw the basketball out there and say you guys have to figure it out. If theyre not figuring it, then I'll have to take the bull by the horn and do whatever I can do as a head coach to convey the message to these guys to get it done. If it's me being a cheerleader or barking at every single offensive or defensive set then so be it. I never wanted to be one of those coaches, but when you have a team that will not open up their mouth then you have to do that. You can hear it my voice, but if that's what has to be done it will be done.

    Q: You mentioned playing only six or seven players, four of those are young guys and we were very excited about their effort. How do you get them to carry it on?

    A: The things that you have to do is continue to communicate with those young guys and tell them exactly what we want to do and keep it as simple as possible. Coach Wooden was right -- K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid and that's the biggest thing we try to do with our young guys.

    Q: One of those young guys is obviously Tyler (Smithpeters) who hit four from deep, where you guys have struggled from this year. How much can he help down the stretch?

    A: Everybody wants to talk about what Tyler did shooting the basketball. What I would like everybody to talk about is what he did with the basketball in his hands. Tyler had five assists and one turnover. Those five assists led to 10-15 points and I think that's where he really helped our basketball team to finally have a guard out there with a 5:1 ratio.

    Q: It will make him a better player if people respect his outside shot, but is one game enough to do that?

    A: Well, you'll have to ask Indiana State that, I don't know. I know Evansville recruited Tyler so they'll respect him a little bit more. Indiana State didn't recruit Tyler but I do know when Michael Balogun steps on the floor everybody yells shooter, and when Michael Balogun runs down for defense everybody yells shoot it! We have to get to the point where Tyler can be a way better defender.

    Q: How is Marcus (Fillyaw's) progression been going?

    A: Marcus has not progressed unfortunately. We x-rayed him last week and it hasn't healed at all, so as of now Marcus will not play the rest of the season.

    Q: What's impressed you the most about Tyler's process?

    A: Well, I think that the most impressive thing is the he's hung in there. He's had his tail chewed out on several occasions, but he's a coach's son so he's used to that. I think the biggest things are he's hung in there, his legs are fresh, and with our injuries he's been adapting to getting more playing time. I think this time of year for most high school kids who are in their freshman year, they are going into regionals and division play and I think because he hasn't gotten many minutes and his legs are fresh, that will help him tremendously.

    Q: Have you ever seen footwork like Tyler at the free throw line?

    A: There are two guys who have really different footwork and that's Bola on his free throws, Tyler on his free throws and when Tyler shoots the jump shot. Bola is shooting 80 percent and Tyler is shooting 50 percent from the three, so I'm not messing with them.