Salukis host Special Olympians

    Salukis hosted Special Olympics on Sunday

    Salukis hosted Special Olympics on Sunday
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    Feb. 25, 2014

    By Chase Heins

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    CARBONDALE, Ill. - On Sunday, the SIU arena was filled with some of the biggest, brightest smiles as the Special Olympic Athletes filed in through the doors to change into their jerseys and lace up their sneakers.

    It was an amazing event, which brought smiles not only to the athletes, but to the coaches and players as well. Everyone was starry-eyed as they toured the locker room and were able to get a peak of what goes on before each game.

    Even the SIU players were in awe when some of the participants got up to throw some down some slam dunks! There were many more events besides just dunking, where everyone was able to show off their talents, some of which included dancing.

    It was a great atmosphere in which the players were able to share the love of the game with others and put some smiles on their faces in the process. If you asked who had more fun? I think the answer would be a tie. All in all, a great day full of wonderful people, drawn together by one shared love of basketball.