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    Sep 9, 2013

    By Josh Swan

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Due to a knee injury, my playing days with Saluki Basketball have ended, but I'll still be helping the program as a student-assistant coach. I'm also planning to help the media services office with an occasional player interview or team update. Recently, I sat down with freshman basketball players KC Goodwin, Tyler Smithpeters and Sean O'Brien for a Q&A about making the transition to college life on and off the court.

    Q: What has been the biggest change from high school to college on the court?

    A: (Goodwin) For me, the biggest change is that players are stronger and faster.

    A: (Smithpeters) The biggest change would have to be that guys are bigger, faster and stronger at this level.

    A: (O'Brien) The biggest difference between has been the speed of the game. Everything in college is much faster and you really have to focus and can't take any plays off, otherwise they are going to take advantage of you.

    Q: What has been the biggest change from high school to college outside of basketball?

    A: (Goodwin) The teachers don't `baby' you. They expect you to know the text and complete your work on time.

    A: (Smithpeters) A lot of stuff for my classes are online, which is very different for me.

    A: (O'Brien) The biggest change in school was getting use to being more independent. Most of my work is online material, and I'm not in contact with my teachers as much.

    Q: How hard, or easy, has the transition from high school to college been for you?

    A: (Goodwin) The transition has been smooth because I'm a quick learner and hard worker.

    A: (Smithpeters) The transition has been mostly smooth.

    A: (O'Brien) The transition, for me, has been a little rough. I wasn't used to this much school work, and I'm not the greatest with technology, so I'm still getting used to all the work that is done online.



    Q: What do you like most about college that you may not have liked in high school?

    A: (Goodwin) I like how you don't have people watching over you, so that makes you become more responsible about things.

    A: (Smithpeters) There is not as much busy work in college and you have much more freedom.

    A: (O'Brien) The best thing about college is the freedom. I really enjoy being on my own schedule, for the most part, and having a lot of free time.

    Q: Did summer school help you make the transition to college more smoothly?

    A: (Goodwin) Summer school did help me transition better because I was able to see how the college life was and I made changes as the summer went by. Now I'm able to do the right things the right way.

    A: (Smithpeters) Summer school helped me so much. I got to be here and get used to everything. If I came for the first time this fall, it would have been very different.

    A: (O'Brien) Summer school made the transition much better. It helped me get used to college-level classes, learn the campus really well, along with meeting a ton of people.