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    Head manager Mark Morrissey
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    Sept. 18, 2013

    By Chase Heins

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Much like my teammate Josh Swan, I have suffered a career ending knee injury. Though I may not be able to put on the uniform and step out on to the court to be part of the team, I am still very much a part of the Saluki family. I say family, because we are much more than a team, we are with each other what seems like all the time, from practice and games, to goofing around in the locker room, to hanging out on the weekend, we are very much a family.

    One part of our family that doesn't get very much time in the spotlight is our managers, who do all of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our basketball program running smoothly. I sat down and asked our head manager, Mark Morrissey some questions about what it's like to be a manager while trying to be a student.

    Q: What are some of the responsibilities that come with being a manager?

    A: We get to the arena an hour before practice to get everything that's needed set up. We do things like get the balls out, fill up the water jug, set the practice gear out. Then during practice we are constantly wiping up sweat and refilling water bottles, running the clock, and anything else the coaches need.

    Q: Your job continues after practice as well doesn't it?

    A: Oh yeah, we stay until the last player leaves. We rebound them if they want to get some extra shots up, clean out the water/ Gatorade jugs and put the balls and the other equipment up. We also help the coaches cut up film and go over scouting reports, as well as other office work.

    Q: Does being a manager have an effect on school?

    A: Yes, sometimes you'll have a class during practice that causes you to show up late or have to leave early. There are times guys will miss practice because they need to study or work on an assignment. Just like the players, we have homework too, and when you finally get home you're exhausted and it makes your work harder.



    Q: What does it take to become a manager?

    A: Just like coach Hinson talks about our players's education, he has the same expectations for our managers. When hiring, GPA is a big factor that the coaches look at. We know that school comes first and is priority number one. They put an emphasis on that when hiring managers.

    Q: What are some of the perks and advantages you feel to being a manager?

    A: For some, we get paid. So that's a perk, also the clothes and shoes. Traveling allows us to see different places that we might not normally get to see. There is also the experience of working for a DI basketball team and getting to learn from some very exceptional coaches. We get to see some great basketball players in person, like getting to see Wichita State last year before they went on their run and watching Doug McDermott play in-person. Saving the best for last, we also get to hang around our guys.

    This year's managersare Mark Morrissey (Head Manager), Danny Harman, Kyle Teegardin and Nick Bell. Our managers are a major part of our program and are greatly appreciated. They are some of the first ones there, and the last ones to leave. They do a lot of the tedious work and are not given much credit for their efforts. You won't find any better managers around than the ones wearing the maroon and black.

    From our family to yours, GO DAWGS!!!