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    Barry Hinson

    Barry Hinson
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    Nov. 1, 2012

    By Dustin Carlisle

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Saluki men's basketball head coach Barry Hinson met with the media on Thursday afternoon before practice. The Salukis host Upper Iowa in an exhibition game on Saturday at 7:05 p.m.

    Q: "How are Josh (Swan) and Dantiel (Daniels) coming along in practice?"

    "Well, the best part is that Dantiel participated in practice. Now I'll say this. He was slower than I was, so that ought to tell you how slow he was. It was good to have him out there. We put him through a couple things in practice and one of the things we did really bothered him. So that part wasn't good, but we're trying to get him back in. Right now, if I would say we were practicing 100 percent, he would maybe be able to go 10 percent or 15 percent of our practice time and that's it. He can play with no contact, no cutting, and no sprinting right now. As far as Josh is concern, Josh has really come back and played well for us as far as practice goes. The most amazing thing about Josh has been he's gone right into it and he's figured out everything we're doing. So that tells you just how intelligent this kid is."

    Q: "Is there any time table for Josh?"

    "We're going to play Josh Saturday. We have every intention to play Josh Saturday. If I had to go on a timetable, Dantiel will not play the first game of the year. I know that for a fact unless we have a miracle, but right now we are not planning on Dantiel coming back for another three to four weeks."

    Q: "Coach, how are things coming along in Carbondale so far?"

    "You know what, it's been fun, it really has been. The one thing about living in Carbondale is it's much like living in the area in which I was raised. Carbondale is coal and agricultural and Marlow, Oklahoma, where I was raised, was oil and agriculture, so it's a very similar. I was raised in a small community and country environment. I really feel at home here. We're not settled in, we are remodeling a home. Anybody who has remodeled a home knows this and will appreciate this statement. You're never settled in when you are remodeling a home."



    Q: "How prepared do you think you guys are to defend somebody for 20 seconds or 30 seconds?"

    "This is probably the question of the week right here. Are we ready to play a Valley-like preparation game? I am really looking forward to seeing how we respond. First of all he's (Upper Iowa University Basketball Head Coach Brian Dolan) my former assistant coach, a former player of mine, knows everything we do inside and out, and he's going to bring a group of kids in here that had the opportunity to beat Bradley (University) the other night. I told our players yesterday, you have to guard for 20 to 25 seconds for every shot clock. It's going to be the complete opposite of what we played against versus Lincoln. We wanted to play two contrasting styles before we got into the season, and Tom Hankins did a great job scheduling our exhibition games in which we can see those two contrasting styles."

    Q: "Being picked 10th place in the conference, how important is it returning four starters from last year?"

    "Well, I'm not returning anybody. Everybody says we're returning four starters. I don't know who those four starters were. We're not returning anybody. I like the 10th place, because it's a challenge to us. I like the 10th place, because that's where we should be. If you judge it on paper, look at it, and you see what's happened to us, that's fine. I like where we start, but at the end of the journey, I don't want be in 10th place. So, the preparation and the motivation of it I think the 10th place puts the alarm clock on and goes off a little bit early. Everybody says you have four returning players, but that was from a completely different system. Right now, you're looking at guys, specifically seniors, that are looking in wondering if I get to play, do I work hard enough, am I unselfish enough, and I am I doing what coach needs me to do? I think these guys have got it pretty much figured out. Technically, our best player didn't even start last Saturday, because he wouldn't go to class. Go to class. I think that's one of the things we're trying to do here is completely change the culture not what happens on the court, but what happens off the court. I hope we have success what the previous staff had by going to Sweet 16s and going to NCAA Tournaments, but I have always said this, and I tell our recruits and families this all the time, you know 15 years from now I could care less if your son can hit a jump shot from 15 or not, but what I do care is he a better husband, better father, and is he a better citizen? Does he have a degree to last him the rest of his life? Believe me, your jump shot will soon go away. You won't have it and I am living proof. I wasn't a great shooter. I was a heck of a defender and I still think I can defend better than half of my players out there, but eventually that will leave you. That degree will last you for every day."

    Q: "How are things coming along off the court?"

    "You know what, you guys are the best judge of that. Knock on wood. We had a pretty good two weeks, but hey this team is so immature right now we can't handle any success for very long. We got to be smart, but like I said knock on wood, we have been doing everything we are supposed to be doing lately."

    Q: "Is Desmar (Jackson) going to start Saturday?"

    "Yes, Desmar is expected to start Saturday. He was expected to start last Saturday. I think Desmar will attend class this week and I'll be surprised if he doesn't attend class this week."

    Q: "How do you think Kendal (Brown-Surles) shot in last Saturday's game?"

    "Kendal was 5-for-10 last week and that's not good enough for Kendal, because Kendal has got to be a better shooter than that. The stat that really stuck out to me was our 3-point shooting. I thought it was awful. We started off 0-for-7. We got to do better than that. We shoot the ball in practice, but a lot of the time we don't practice game speed. I tell our guys all the time, if you don't practice game speed, you're going to get really sped up when you get out here andcertainlythat has been a reallyprevalentfactor today and our whole week of practice."

    Q: "Have they shot the three-ball better in practice?"

    "I think this. I don't know if we're shooting the ball better, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that. All I'll have to do is base on what I think we have thecapability of doing right now. At the end of the year, are we going to be 10th in offense like we were last year? I don't know. I hope not. I always get tickled, when I first got this job everybody thought I was an offensivegenius, when everywhere I've ever been I have been a defensive coach. I am really kind of embracing this offensivegeniustime period of my life right now."

    Q: "What was Brian Dolan (Upper Iowa University Head Coach) like as a player when you coached him in high school?"

    "He was exactly the type of player that you would want to coach in high school -- tough, absolutely tough. Really a great kid and could just shoot the tar out of it. He was a phenomenal shooter. You know what, you look at his team. Everybody is tough, everybody on his team can shoot, and everybody on his team is cerebral. I can tell you right now, we are not the most cerebral team in the Missouri Valley Conference. We are really going to be challenged. They run so many different sets, so many different options, and so many different reads, but this is good for us. We need this right now. We are going to get wide-open shots and wide-open layups, I know that, but we going to try to be in the right spots at the right times. We've got a game plan, we've worked on it, and we're prepared for this. It will be interesting to see how our guys respond."

    Q: "Tell us about your newest walk on Ryan Bonifield, and why did you decide to bring him on?"

    "We had to. I see people holding signs outside saying don't forget to vote. I don't know if you guys missed this the other night, but I was out in front of Fat Patties with a sign that said we need players. We just tried to find somebody that could actually come in and help us. I told our staff, we need to find somebody that can play. We've asked everybody and Ryan kind of shook out of the woods there a little bit and we got him out here and certainly having another body helps us right now. I mean last week we were down to nine players. I was having to practice (assistant coach) Terrance McGee. I don't know if I can even get coach McGee out of the office right now he's so sore from practice."