Men's Basketball hosts Saint Louis on Saturday night

    Walk-on Dawson Verhines knocks down a 3-pointer at Missouri.

    Walk-on Dawson Verhines knocks down a 3-pointer at Missouri.
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    Nov. 14, 2013

    By Demario Phipps-Smith

    CARBONDALE, Ill. -

    Saint Louis (2-0) at Southern Illinois (0-1)
     Date Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013
     Time 7:05 p.m. CT
     Location Carbondale, Ill. - SIU Arena
     Radio Saluki Sports Network
     TV None
     Video Stream Saluki All-Access ($) | Watch Live
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    SIU Head coach Barry Hinson press conference transcript:

    Q: Missouri's guards were able to get a lot of easy penetration against your defense, how do you shore that up for the next game?

    "I would say they didn't get through easily. I thought we played the zone well for the most part. It was the most zone I have ever ran in any game in my career. We tied them in the rebounding war, 37-37. We didn't like the penetration part but it could have been a lot worse if we guarded them man-to-man. I thought that was one of our best efforts against a really talented team. Certainly there a things we could have done to make the game better but I was pleased for the most part.

    Q: Is this a good rebounding team?

    "I don't want to say we're a good rebounding team this early in the season because that could change in a heartbeat. The things we worked on in practice this week -- and we think we did a pretty good job at it -- were transition defense and rebounding. We probably should have worked on penetration defense more than we did. Offensively, I was extremely disappointed. I knew we would play hard and how could you not in your first game? I thought we would play better together than what we did. I also thought we would play smarter. It didn't shock me that we didn't because we were a little nervous. We know now what we have to do to play better offensively. We've been running guys in-and-out for film and. Training your players is like potty-training a dog. You have to be consistent and when there is a mistake made, you have to have a punishment immediately. It's hard to do that in a basketball game. Where that happens is in practice and over the next two days we may have a lot of guys running on the treadmill."

    Q: What impresses you the most when you watch SLU?

    "I'm always impressed when I watch any of Jimmy Crews' basketball teams. Every time I watch any of his teams play, I leave the film room astounded by how good of a coach he is. They play within themselves, they do what they are asked to do and they are huge. I think that their interior players are better than what we faced against Missouri. That's not a slap to those guys but SLU's players will be a much tougher challenge in the interior."

    Q: How do you think the players you signed will help the program?

    "We signed three young men who will all be freshmen coming into next season. All three are playing at programs that win. We signed two guys that are local in Chaz Glotta and Armon Fletcher. Chaz plays for his father and Armon plays for a great coach in Edwardsville. We feel like we really hit the lottery with Jordan Caroline. He's a big guy, an athletic guy that has a little bit of girth to him. We feel that the three players we signed will all make freshman mistakes and go through growing pains. At the same time, we really like those guys."

    Q: Do you think going to Mizzou ended up being a good thing for the program?

    "If you look at it right now, I would say yes. If you were to ask me that after we start 0-2, 0-3, etc., then I couldn't answer that question right now. I got asked that question more times in the media room and postgame conference than any other question. I really felt it was important for our guys to get a glimpse of who we are, where we need to be and what the future holds for this program. I don't think I can answer that question until the end of the season, but we are looking at this as the philosophical part of scheduling. We may do this every year. We feel like right now this is what we need to do.

    Q: How impressed were you with Dawson Verhines' play as a walk-on?

    "I hope we get to the point walk-ons in our program aren't the typical walk-on. When a player is on our team, regardless of scholarship or not, there is no asterisk next to his name. We don't do that. I've had several walk-ons who were better players than some of the scholarship players. The reason for this is that they have that competitive edge, they don't want to be the walk-on and they are usually a little hungrier. I like that. The sad thing is when you take walk-ons and put them on scholarship, sometimes they lose their competitive edge--I don't like that. The one thing we have told our players is once you are on this team there is no asterisk. There is no `squiggly-wiggly' mark above anyone's locker--as my dad would call it--that says you're a different player than someone on scholarship. I hope that we can say that about all the guys that contribute. We actively put guys out there that would be considered walk-ons in this program. We even tell the parents that they are players--not walk-ons."

    Q: Is the rotation you used in the first game going to remain the same?

    "We are not going to have a rotation this year. I can honestly say that and it is because of the rule changes and what is going on with the officiating. I don't think anyone can have a solid rotation. I think you can get into a little bit of a routine but I think we better get used to playing 11 guys. I don't want to but I don't think it hurt us the other night. If you want to get down to it, the guys we didn't start played better than the ones that did. I hope that speaks volumes about the guys we have on the bench. I think the bench play the other night was better than the starters."

    Q: What did you mean by "hitting singles instead of home runs?"

    "The first possession of the last game is a good example. We took a shot after the first pass. You can't do that against good basketball teams, especially teams that can move the ball up the court. If you can't reverse the basketball and make the defense move, you are going to struggle. We have a couple of players that can't get it through their heads right now that the ball has to move. The potty training that is going to go on in the next couple of days is going to be our big deal. You have to get out the mode of `I'm going to hit a home run every time I touch the ball.' The ball has to move. I was watching Kansas State play Oral Roberts the other night. One of our old SIU coaches (Bruce Weber) said that they had to be more efficient offensively and have better shot selection. The most disappointing part of our game was that we had a few veterans who didn't move the ball. That was really disappointing."