Men's Basketball travels to SIUE for Tuesday night matchup

    Jeff Early leads SIU with 23.0 points per game.

    Jeff Early leads SIU with 23.0 points per game.
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    Nov. 19, 2012

    By Tyler Wooten

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Southern Illinois (2-0) travels to SIUE (1-1) for a men's basketball game on Tuesday night in a rare matchup of the sister schools.

    The Salukis hold a 4-0 advantage in the all-time series, including an 80-56 win in Carbondale last season. SIUE received NCAA Division I certification in August and plays in the Ohio Valley Conference.

    The game will be televised by Fox Sports Midwest.

    Coach Hinson press conference transcript

    Q: "What does SIUE do well offensively?"

    "I think you look at their roster. They have a kid that transferred from Colorado State that's now running the point (Maurice Wiltz). It's his first year and he's a good player. You take the two-guard in (Kris) Davis, who was one of the top-five 3-point shooters in the country last year at .598. I thought that was a misprint, I thought there was no way anybody could shoot 60 percent from three because I watch my guys from three and that's like a miracle if that ever happens. And then you look at their three-man, Jerome Jones, who we recruited when I was at Missouri State, who is shooting 67 percent from three. And then their four-man is a kid named (Mark) Yelovich, who was picked by the Ohio Valley Conference to be preseason First-Team. And then you talk about their five-man, really athletic, really aggressive, super energy type guy. When you look at their five guys that they put on the floor, and then they bring a kid in on the perimeter named (Michael) Messer who can really shoot the ball, and they bring another kid off the bench named (Derian) Shaffer or (Ray) Lester at the five position, whichever one they start. This is a well-rounded ball club. Coach (Lennox Forrester) has done a great job with them and I know this is a big game for them. This is a huge game for them and it's a big game for us. I think it's just a really nice game to be played at this time of the year for both programs."

    Q: "Can you evaluate the team's performance in the first two games?"



    "I think we've gotten better in a couple areas. I think this team is a two steps forward, one step back kind of team right now. We always refer to teams being immature or young -- we are a freshman team. Not in that classification, but we're a freshman team because we have a group of young men that have adopted a new system, both defensively and offensively. My staff keeps saying, it's a battle every day. We battle every day, we're trying to put in and integrate our system, and we're making progress but every once in a while we'll revert back and we'll have guys that want to go back and do what we used to do and that's just not acceptable."

    Q: "Are they more enthusiastic?"

    "Yeah, I don't think we were very enthusiastic to start the first half the other night, and I took a lot of responsibility for that. We didn't do a lot of preparation for Benedictine (Springfield) -- I don't mind telling you. We really prepared a lot for this game. We didn't really tell our players that. Also, we made sure that we kept everything close to the vest. We wanted to make sure that this was about as vanilla as a game as we could be. The first time we played the game we didn't run any set plays, we didn't run any out-of-bounds plays; we just ran the same thing over and over. We felt like we could do that because of the liberty of our opponent. That's no disrespect. It should be that way when you play a non-Division I team at the Division I level."

    Q: "How do you feel about your bench performance thus far?"

    "Well, when you look at the bench support from the other night, I think that would be great if you could get that every night, but I don't live in fantasy land, so I know that's not gonna happen. Bench support will hopefully be as well at SIUE because we'll bring Dantiel (Daniels) off the bench."

    Q: "Do you know who you're going to start?"

    "I don't know who I'm gonna start yet, I told my players that. We will not start the lineup that we started the other night. I'm tired of that lineup, and I'm tired of it because they don't start games the right way defensively. We started the game in New Orleans well, but we have still not started a game off right defensively. I told them yesterday at practice, I'm looking for five guys that will start this game off defensively. And when we get that, I think that we'll get off to better starts. And I know people will say we got off to a heck of a start at New Orleans -- we really did. We got off to a great offensive start and we had them 11-0. But if you look at what happened in the game and how they came back and how we didn't get off to a defensive start against Upper Iowa, we didn't get off to a defensive start against Benedictine. We gotta get off to a good defensive start -- that's what this building is known for."

    Q: "Does it have to do with effort?"

    "I think it has a lot to do with effort. I think anybody can play defense. I was a great example of that -- I was a heck of a defensive player. There was a reason I was open: I wasn't a very good offensive player. But nobody wanted me guarding them. My nickname should have been Bulldog, I think. I was a defender. I worked for Mr. (Henry) Iba, and he taught me a long time ago that it's not how you put that orange thing in the hole, it's how you keep that orange thing out of the hole."

    Q: "Kendal (Brown-Surles) has turned into more of a distributor as of late. How happy have you been with him?"

    "I really have been. I think if you look at his assist-to-turnover ratio, it's been phenomenal. You can go back to the last seven or eight games of last season and you look at what he's done, he hasn't had a game yet where he's had more than two turnovers. I think his assist-to-turnover ratio is phenomenal. You look at what we're doing offensively and our field goal percentage right now -- which, by the way, we're second in the nation in field goal percentage -- but one of the reasons we've played so much better offensively is because of guys like Kendal and guys like T.J. Lindsay that will distribute the basketball where we have more assists than turnovers. We have a saying around here: 'go make somebody else better.'"

    Q: "How does Kendal do well tomorrow against SIUE's guards?"

    "Right now, Kendal is struggling defensively. We've really talked about that with him. He has not done what we want him to do as far as on-ball coverage, and we got to get him where he'll guard the ball better because that's the whole key to defense. We may do that byalignmentnow. You may see us change some things we do when we go get the ball. We need to do a better job of stopping the ball."

    Q: "How important is it to beat your sister school?"

    "I don't get into that. It's important to me that we win a ball game. We need to win, we need to win because it's a road game, and the other reason is because we're in a hotbed of recruiting in St. Louis, which I think is really important. I don't get into this sister school stuff -- we're not a sister school, we're none of that stuff. We're SIU. That's what we are. And they're the same way. I'm not going over there and drinking coffee at their campus bookstore -- I'm not doing that. We're there to beat them, they're there to beat us, and just because we have similar letters doesn't mean anything to me."

    Q: "It's important for recruiting?"

    "I think it's always important. First of all, I think it's important for recruiting that you win, it's important that you win on the road, and when you get in the St.Louis-area, it's really important."

    Q: "Will everybody be eligible for tomorrow?"

    "I hope so. That's day-to-day around here. Seriously, it's day-to-day around here with our eligibility situation. Eligibility right now is all determined by me. I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning, but that changed as soon as I got the class attendance report. I don't make any bones about it. They're gonna go to class, they're gonna do what they're supposed to be doing on and off the floor. If they don't, they're not gonna play. Greatest motivator we've always had is the pine. Well, it's not pine anymore, but the greatest motivator we've had is the bench."

    Q: "Is Diamond Taylor still suspended?"

    "Diamond Taylor is still suspended. I told you I wasn't very happy with what Diamond did. As a matter of fact, I was extremely upset, and when I get extremely upset, it takes me a long time to heal that wound. I'm very upset. Diamond has done, for the most part, everything we've asked him to do during his suspension, but at the same time there needs to be a value on what we want to teach around here."

    Q: "What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?"

    "I said today on the Missouri Valley Conference call -- I've been asked that question a lot -- I'm like every other American. I'm very thankful to be in a country where I have the freedom to do what I want to do; I'm very thankful that I have an unbelievable wife; I'm very thankful that both of my in-laws are still both living; I'm really thankful for my mom and dad; I'm thankful for my two children and my grandson; and, I guess I'm thankful for my son-in-law -- he's done one thing right I guess. I really would be thankful if somebody would marry my youngest daughter, that would help me out a lot. Matter of fact we got her on Craigslist if you guys wanna look on there -- 'Coach's Daughter forMarriage.' And, I'm thankful to be back as a head coach, and I'm really thankful to be home, right here in the Missouri Valley Conference."

    Q: "Got any Black Friday advice?"

    "This is the best Black Friday advice I can give right here: when you see my wife come to the store, immediately lock it and tell her if indeed she gets in, that her credit card has been revoked. That's the greatest Black Friday advice I can give."