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    Dec. 9, 2011

    By Tyler Wooten

    CARBONDALE, Ill. - Southern Illinois travels to Western Michigan this weekend for a non-conference men's basketball on Sunday at 2:05 p.m. ET.

    Head coach Chris Lowery met with the media prior to his team's practice on Friday afternoon.

    Q: "What will be the key when the starting five come out of the game?"

    "We've had some tired guys, so now we have to make sure that guys come out quicker, so they are a little bit fresher and don't get that almost jet lag in the middle parts of the game when you do sub. It wasn't so much the subs that came in, it was some of the guys we left in was where our problem was (against Western Kentucky). (Western Michigan) is a team that is very offensively driven, they run a lot of sets, so they're gonna be really crisp and sharp in some of their offensive plays."

    Q: "Is their record deceiving? They're 1-7 but they've played Purdue and Gonzaga."

    "They've played a great schedule, and they're older, too, so I think that's why they keep coming back and competing, because they have several seniors. Even though their sophomore is probably their best player, their seniors really are driving them. I know they played last night and scored 81 points on the road, so they can score the ball."

    Q: "How much goes through (Matt) Stainbrook?"

    "Everything goes through him. They post up their guards, they post up Stainbrook, they post up (Flenard) Whitfield -- those two are their best players along with (Demetrius) Ward. Those three guys have been the leading scorers usually in every game."

    Q: "How important is it for you guys to get a win on the road?"

    "It's important because we want to win. (The Broncos) haven't played very many home games, so that's another issue why they've had a tough time, they've hardly had any true home games."

    Q: "You've struggled with shooting, even with open looks -- is that due to a lack of focus?"



    "Our new guys, when they play well we play well. We had two of our new guys shoot the ball, Jeff (Early) and T.J. (Lindsay) -- the other new guys didn't. Mamadou (Seck) shot great, but the freshmen shot poorly. If we can get all of them together going at one time it will be good for us. It's not something we need to panic about because this is our fifth game and we had a 12-day layoff and there are a lot of other issues going on that could help, but right now we have no control over that. We have to do the best we can do and move forward."

    Q: "Speaking of other issues, is there any update on Justin (Bocot)?"

    "No, there's still no update. He still has never been charged with anything, and it's still a touchy issue, and obviously with things going on around other campuses, our university is going to make sure that everything was handled the right way."

    Q: "So he won't be available this weekend?"

    "As of right now, no."

    Q: "Is he traveling to Western Michigan?"


    Q: "Josh (Swan) was a big scorer in high school. Has the transition to point guard taken away from his scoring ability?"

    "Definitely, the point guard position is a hard position. He goes from having two turnovers in the prior two games to seven in one. It's a tough position for anyone, and it's the toughest position for a true freshman to start at because you have to make the decisions, you have to start the defense, the offense, the play calls, the out-of-bounds plays. That's something he's never had to do and now he's got to do a lot of different things."

    Q: "Is there anything he can do to help his scoring approach?"

    "We don't want him to shoot it every time, he's playing the point position for us. He has to make his open looks and take advantage of the shots when he does get them."

    Q: "Defensively, what kind of looks will they throw at you this weekend?"

    "It will be a man team. They play man exclusively, with a little zone here and there, but they're just really built on man-to-man. They might switch man-to-man if anything."

    Q: "What does only dressing nine guys do to the chemistry of this team?"

    "It doesn't affect our chemistry, it affects our play and our rotations, it has nothing to do with our chemistry. Our rotations are a problem because when you play five guys that's definitely a disadvantage. You want to give guys rest. Josh was playing 25 minutes and really not turning the ball over. You add 10 more minutes and make that 35 and he's turning the ball over more than he's ever done in practice or any other time that he's been here."

    Q: "Any update on Dantiel (Daniels)?"

    "He didn't practice yesterday so he's still out."

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