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    2013 Saluki Football schedule poster

    2013 Saluki Football schedule poster
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    July 24, 2013

    CARBONDALE, Ill. – The 2013 Southern Illinois football schedule posters are now available at Lingle Hall (1490 Douglas Drive) on the SIU campus.

    The poster, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of SIU football, was produced by Saluki Athletic Marketing and athletic department graduate assistant Lacey King.

    If any fans would like to have a schedule poster mailed to them, they can follow these steps:

    1. Buy a USPS-approved mailing tube (must be at least 18" long) for poster requests.
    2. At the post office, pay for shipping to the Saluki Athletics address listed below, plus a return postage sticker.
    3. Insert stickers with (1) your return address and (2) prepaid postage into the tube. These will be used to mail tube back to you.
    4. Insert slip of paper indicating which materials you are requesting.
    5. Mail tube to:

    Saluki Athletics Marketing
    SIU Arena 118, MC 6620
    Carbondale, IL 62901