Both sides produce big plays in first fall scrimmage of the year

    Coach Dale Lennon looks on as Kory Faulkner drops back into the pocket. Faulkner threw for 146 yards and two touchdowns in the scrimmage.

    Coach Dale Lennon looks on as Kory Faulkner drops back into the pocket. Faulkner threw for 146 yards and two touchdowns in the scrimmage.
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    Aug. 11, 2012

    CARBONDALE, Ill. – Southern Illinois completed its first live scrimmage of the year Saturday morning at Saluki Stadium. Head Coach Dale Lennon called it a good give-and-take but said he would reserve full judgement until after reviewing the tape.

    "I don't know if there was one side that had the upper hand," Lennon said. "I'm very curious to see the film to see how we played as individuals and how it looked as a team." 

    Starting quarterback Kory Faulkner took the most snaps and had success throwing the ball. The junior completed 10-of-19 passes for 146 yards and a pair of touchdowns, both to tight end MyCole Pruitt.

    The biggest offensive play of the day was Faulkner’s 70-yard touchdown strike to Pruitt. Freshman safety D.J. Cameron nearly intercepted the pass, but Pruitt gathered it in and ran untouched 40 yards down the left sideline for the score. Pruitt was the leading receiver with five receptions for 118 yards.

    The Saluki secondary was aggressive, surrendering two touchdown passes of over 50 yards but also recording three interceptions.

    “Secondary is a concern,” Lennon said. “I liked the aggressiveness. I really liked how we flew around and made some plays on the ball. We had some turnovers and had some success in the red zone defensively. There are enough positives there to make the defensive coaches happy.”

    The scrimmage began with five consecutive red zone possessions starting on the 25 yard line. That resulted in one touchdown, three field goals and an interception by Tay Griffin.

    The offense attempted 38 passes and threw for 320 yards while tailbacks Mika’il McCall and Steve Strother combined for 100 yards rushing on just 16 carries behind a relatively inexperienced offensive line. McCall powered his way to 68 yards on nine carries while Strother picked up a solid 32 yards on seven carries.

    “We have to be able to run the football,” Lennon said. “It’s still a little bit of a concern. We have to be more confident in being able to run the football and not just rely on the ability of the running back to make the yards, and that will continue to be an emphasis.”

    Southern cycled all four quarterbacks into the game. Junior A.J. Hill took snaps with the second team and completed five of his eight attempts for 44 yards. He had a touchdown and an interception. Freshman Ryan West completed all five of his passes for 101 yards, including a 53-yard touchdown to Chris Marshall. Redshirt freshman Matt Vincent was three-of-six for 29 yards and an interception.

    SIU also saw some positives out of the kicking game as Chris Adams nailed a 46-yard field goal, and Austin Johnson hit a 41-yarder.

    Lennon said he was pleased with the overall effort of the team but sees room to improve before opening the season on Aug. 30 at Eastern Illinois.

    “We’re on track,” Lennon said. “We have a lot of work left to do, but I definitely like what I’m seeing up to this point. It’s still a battle. It’s still a struggle, but I think our guys really want to get there, and that’s a good start.”


    Kory Faulkner: 10-of-19, 146 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
    A.J. Hill: 5-of-8, 44 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
    Matt Vincent: 3-of-6, 29 yards, 1 INT
    Ryan West: 5-of-5, 101 yarded, 1 TD

    Mika'il McCall: 9-for-68
    Steve Strother: 7-for-32
    Mulku Kalokoh: 6-for-4
    A.J. Hill: 1-for-5
    Ryan West: 1-for-(-1)
    Matt Vincent: 1-for-(-3)

    MyCole Pruitt: 5-for-118, 2 TD
    Josh Sullivan: 4-for-35
    Adam Fuehne: 2-for-38, 1 TD
    LaSteven McKinney: 2-for-20
    Chris Marshall: 1-for 53, 1 TD
    Kennington Easley: 1-for-25
    Billy Reed: 1-for-6, 1 TD
    Mulku Kalokoh: 1-for-5
    Carl Harris: 1-for-3
    Steve Strother: 1-for-2
    Mika'il McCall: 1-for-(-1)
    Israel Lamprakes: 1-for-(-3)

    Anthony Thompson: 4 total tackles (3 solo, 2 assisted tackles)
    Cameron James: 3 total tackles, 1 TFL (3 solo tackles, 1 sack)
    Bryan Presume: 3 tackles (2 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles)
    David Boatright: 3 total tackles (2 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles)
    Tay Griffin: 3 total tackles (2 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles)
    Darius Merriweather: 2.5 total tackles (1 solo tackle, 3 assisted tackles)
    Q'Niko Thomas: 2 tackles
    Taylon Hunter: 2 tackles
    Terrell Wilson: 2 tackles
    Kyle Cavil: 2 tackles
    Dante Lewis: 2 tackles
    Blake Mattson: 2 total tackles (4 assisted tackles)
    Ken Boatright: 2 total tackles (1 solo tackle, 2 assisted tackles)
    Victor Burnett: 1.5 total tackles (1 solo tackle, 1 assisted tackle)
    Cortland Dunlap: 1.5 total tackles (1 solo tackle, 1 assisted tackle)
    Leonard Garron: 1.5 total tackles (1 solo tackle, 1 assisted tackle)
    Adam Brandt: 1 tackle (1 sack, 1 TFL)
    Emmanuel Souarin: 1 total tackle (2 assisted tackles, .5 TFL)
    Cory Lee: 1 tackle
    Jayson DiManche: 1 tackle
    Chase Allen: 1 tackle
    Trey Colbert: 1 tackle
    Ryan Campbell: 1 total tackle (two assisted tackles)
    Kayon Swanson: 1 total tackle (2 assisted tackles)
    Jordan Poole: .5 tackle (.5 TFL)
    Joe Okon: .5 tackle
    Courtney Richmond: .5 tackle
    Josh Skadeland: .5 tackle

    Kaleb Humphrey - 1
    Josh Skadeland - 1
    Blake Mattson - 1

    Tay Griffin - 1 (thrown by A.J. Hill)
    Carlton Lewis - 1 (thrown by Kory Faulkner)
    Emmanuel Souarin - 1 (thrown by Matt Vincent)

    Tyler Williamson - 1
    TJ Beelen - 1