All-Century team honored at banquet

    Saluki Hall of Fame announcer Mike Reis (left), who emceed the event, shares a laugh with All-Century team running back Tom Koutsos

    Saluki Hall of Fame announcer Mike Reis (left), who emceed the event, shares a laugh with All-Century team running back Tom Koutsos
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    Sept. 13, 2013

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    CARBONDALE, Ill. – Saluki Football honored its All-Century football team with a banquet Friday night at SIU Arena. A total of 26 members of the All-Century team were in attendance with six more represented by friends, family or former teammates.

    SIU Chancellor Dr. Rita Cheng, Director of Athletics Mario Moccia and Coach Dale Lennon were all on hand to speak at the dinner. Also speaking at the event were All-Century coach Rey Dempsey, Roger Lipe, who spoke on behalf of All-Century coach Jerry Kill, and Saluki Hall of Famer Carl Mauck.

    The All-Century team was selected by fan vote and unveiled in the days leading up this year’s season opener. The team is comprised of 50 players and two head coaches and will also be honored at halftime of Saturday’s game against the University of Charleston (W.V.).

    Prior to the festivities, many members of the All-Century team shared their favorite Saluki memories.

    “We won the championship in 1983, and that was the highlight of my Saluki career. Also having been inducted (into the Saluki Hall of Fame) here is pretty special as well. This hundred-year celebration with the top Saluki players, who happen to be some of my best friends, has been awesome.”
         –Tom Baugh, center (1982-85)

    “Beating Northern Iowa at the UNI-Dome, which we hadn’t done in 22 years. Also playing Ole Miss was cool although it ended up as a loss.”
         –Bryan Boemer, center (2008-11)

    “Being a part of SIU’s first Intercollegiate Athletic Association championship. We played for the championship in 1959, and it was a rough one against Eastern Michigan. It was most enjoyable because we wrecked their homecoming.”
         -Amos Bullocks, running back (1958-61)

    “My favorite moment would be my senior year when we beat Indiana. We went to their house and beat them—not handily—but we took care of business and proved that we belonged.”
         –Craig Coffin, kicker (2002-06)

    "When we won the national championship. We had a great team that year. We all played together and stuck together."
         –Fabray Collins, linebacker (1981-83)

    “When we flew out to Fresno, California. We had a great trip out there—flying over the Grand Canyon and seeing all the sights. When we got to Fresno, we saw all these orange trees. I was thinking, wow from Carbondale to the big sunshine. We had an awesome time, played a great game and came out with the win.”
         –John Harper, utility (1979-82)

    "The national championship year, Coach Dempsey and all the guys, we were getting ready to watch film, and Coach Dempsey walked in and cut off the camera and said 'We don't need to watch the film because we've already won this game.' I coach teams, and I tell everybody I know that story. I always think about that."
         –Sterling Haywood, utility (1982-85)

    "The first time I stepped on the field as a Saluki. That was a thrill. It was during my freshman year. I got my chance against East Carolina and I ended up with a few catches."
         –Kevin House, wide receiver (1976-79) 

    “Probably my first season, we had a tough year trying to get our first victory. I had a 100-yard game in our first win of the season against Western Kentucky.”
         –Damon Jones, tight end (1994-96)

    "Probably the fondest memory I had was my senior year when we played Youngstown State at home and we won the game. That was to secure at least a share of the conference title. The previous year we went 3-8, and the year before that we went 1-10. To go from one win to three wins to winning 10 games my last year was probably my fondest memory. Walking off McAndrew Field, that was the last game I ever played, and that was probably the best one.”
         –Tom Koutsos, running back (1999-03)

    “My favorite memory is when we beat Tulsa when they were ranked No. 5 in the country 16-13 on their homecoming weekend in 1967.”
         –Carl Mauck, linebacker/utility (1966-68)

    "My favorite memory was at New Mexico State. 201 yards and 3 touchdowns."
         -Burnell Quinn, running back (1976-79)

    "It had to be when we beat Western Illinois in 2002. We hadn't beaten them in 18 years. It was one of the longest active losing streaks in the country. They were ranked No. 4 or 5 in the country. We’d only had one or two winning seasons in 18 years, and we were in front of a homecoming crowd. We drove all the way back. I threw a touchdown pass to Brandon Robinson on the last play of the game to win the game. I think it was the turning point in Saluki football at the time because we had a brand new coach, and we finally started to believe that we could win the big games. The next year we ended up going 10-2 and started a streak that lasted seven or eight years."
         –Joel Sambursky, quarterback (2002-05)

     “My greatest memory was winning our championship game. It was something coach Dempsey knew was going to happen when I was a freshman. He told me that we were going to win a championship, and he even told me that I was going to the NFL. By the time the championship game came around, we knew we were going to win the game. We were just that confident. It was inevitable.”
         –Terry Taylor, defensive back (1980-83)