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    June 6, 2012

    By Jason DiManche

    CARBONDALE, IL - It's been a good summer so-far in Saluki Athletics. New coaches have joined the family, top Dawgs like Chris Serritella and Jewel Hampton continue their athletic success professionally, Saluki swimmers and track stars strive for Olympic and national success, and Saluki football players are back in town working hard.

    Anyone who plans to have success in their profession understands that if you have a lot of work to do, you come in to work extra early. That's what the majority of the SIU football team has done -- two weeks early to be exact -- following a proposal set forth by team captains during the spring.

    Your workout options consist of two time slots -- 6 a.m. or 4p.m. These Dawgs must decide every night if they would rather wake up early and get it done, or sleep-in and bake in the sun.

    Half of the team enjoys the early morning workouts. Studies show you are at your strongest in the morning -- it's not as hot outside and the rest of the day is your own.

    The other half, which some team members refer to as "the hot boys," choose to start their work at the peak of the day's heat. It's a more grueling workout, your energy level is at its highest and you get the luxury of sleeping in.

    After pushing themselves physically each day, sore-bodied players limp through Carbondale looking for ways to occupy their remaining free time.

    Saluki LB Jayson DiManche is doing an internship in the Media Services office this summer.

    Some have taken jobs to earn extra cash flow. Others spend their days fishing and enjoying the vast natural beauty of southern Illinois. There are also those who use this time of year as a hibernation period, doing everything in their power to stay cool and moving only when necessary (O-line).

    A few have taken more extreme measures like chasing down would-be thieves, starting their own farms and even producing entertaining YouTube videos (check this one out for a laugh



    Classes will begin on Monday, June 11, yet the team will continue to work through the summer, receiving a short break for the July 4 holiday and another before fall-camp gets started.

    Until then, your football Dawgs will be getting after it in the weight room and on the field, doing their best to get better with every session