Saluki Diary Week 3- Jessica Whitehead

    Junior Jessica Whitehead

    Junior Jessica Whitehead
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    Aug. 27, 2012

    This is the third weekly installment of diaries from the 2012 Saluki volleyball team.

    By Jessica Whitehead

    Hello everyone! We are back from a great weekend at the Memphis Invitational and also a good week of practice before we went to Memphis. During the week of practice before we traveled to Memphis we focused on some more offense and tried to focus on defense as well while we were focusing on offense. We tried to go through all the rotations so we can get used to them before we played. We did a lot of serve receiving and serving to zones one and five.

    This past week was the first week of full classes. The team was excited about starting up the semester. Everyone liked their classes and so far no one changed anything. I think we are all focused on this school year and volleyball this fall. We are excited about getting to play this weekend, and adding classes too.

    We are also getting after it in the weight room on Mondays and Wednesdays. With our strength coach Clete we are doing just basic stuff trying to relate it to volleyball. We do block above knee cleans with a squat, regular squats, and also push presses. Between these exercises we have little things to do like shoulder shrugs, pull ups, etc. In the weight room, we get things done and have fun also at the same time. We are constantly pushing and encouraging everyone when we are in the weight room.

    Now let’s talk about the great weekend we had in Memphis. On Thursday we left from Carbondale around 3:15 and loaded the bus. Everyone gets on the bus finds a good seat that they want. Probably the seats we sit in on every away trip. We get on the bus found out great news about one of our teammates. Kathy Jones had pronounced that Alysia Mayes had received the Charlotte West Scholarship award. Every one was excited for her. It was great to start our trip off with something positive and exciting for our teammate. During the rest of the bus trip on Thursday everyone listened to music, did homework, or slept. When we get to the hotel we checked in everyone was tired. We had a little team meeting on what we are going to do Friday morning before we left for the match.



    On Friday it was game day for the Salukis. We played at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. When we got to the game we got ready and some people went to the training room for treatment. The others who didn’t have treatment went and warmed up in a small gym while the other game was still going on. At 2 p.m. we played Eastern Michigan University. They were a good volleyball team. We played along with them and tried to just stay clam since it was our first game and HAVE FUN!! We lost to EMU in four sets but we played hard. After the match we talked about the things we needed to do to get ready for the next match later that day. We got all the butterflies out of our stomachs. Later that day at 7 p.m. we played the University of Memphis. We were ready for this match because we needed to get revenge on them from losing to them last year at our home tournament. This game we were all focused and ready to play. Everyone did a good job during this game. We were loud talking in the front row and back row distracting the other team, getting excited after every point. During this game our blocking was very good! It helped our back row out a lot. Within this game we had beat Memphis Tigers in three sets and eft the gym with record 1-1.

    Saturday morning it was the last day in Memphis. We played at 2 p.m. against Austin Peay. They were a good volleyball team as well, we were able to watch them when they were playing before us. When we got ready for this game we talked in the locker room and said we can go home 1-2 or go home 2-1. When we said that I think that our momentum changed. We came out ready to play against Austin Peay. We served aggressively to keep them off system. We came out on top of them a head of time and came out 3-0. We were very focused and the good thing about it when we played them our middles had a field day against them. They had a one-on-one block against them all day. Our outsides all so did too. If Austin Peay thought they we were going to set our middles, we had a one-on-one out at the pins. Within this game we beat Austin Peay in 3 sets.

    With this weekend we had a fun and exciting trip. There were many laughs and we also got work done on the court. We came back to Carbondale starting of the season 2-1!

    Go Salukis!

    The team warming up before their game at the Memphis Invitational.
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