Athletic Department Phone:618-453-5311

    Athletic Department Address:
    Southern Illinois University Athletics
    Mailcode 6620
    Lingle Hall 118
    1490 Douglas Drive
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    Charlotte West Stadium (Softball) Address:
    225 E. Grand
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    Davies Gym (Volleyball) Address:
    1075 S. Normal Avenue
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    Itchy Jones Stadium (Baseball):
    425 Saluki Dr.
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    Lew Hartzog Track and Field Complex:
    100 Saluki Dr.
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    AD's Office Title (618) E-Mail
    Bell, Tommy Director of Athletics 453-7250 E-mail
    Compton, Donna Administrative Aide 453-7250 E-mail
    Baseball Title (618) E-Mail
    Henderson, Ken Head Coach 453-3794 E-mail
    Finigan, P.J. Assistant Coach 453-2802 E-mail
    Strain, Ryan Assistant Coach 453-7646 E-mail
    Hancock, Tyler Volunteer Assistant Coach E-mail
    Basketball, Men's Title (618) E-Mail
    Hinson, Barry Head Coach 453-4667 E-mail
    Beane, Sr., Anthony Assistant Coach 453-7245 E-mail
    Autry, Brad Assistant Coach 453-7101 E-mail
    McGee, Terrance Assistant Coach 453-7246 E-mail
    Walker, Justin Director of Basketball Operations 453-4667 E-mail
    Gearhart, Debbie Secretary 453-4667 E-mail
    Basketball, Women's Title (618) E-Mail
    Stein, Cindy Head Coach 453-5464 E-mail
    OPEN Associate Head Coach 453-5449 E-mail
    Martin, Kat Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 453-5475 E-mail
    N'Garsanet, Christelle Assistant Coach 453-5484 E-mail
    Beck, Julie Director of Basketball Operations 453-5487 E-mail
    Dammerman, Carmen Secretary 453-5448 E-mail
    Broadcasting Title (618) E-Mail
    Reis, Mike Director of External and Broadcast Operations 453-3158 E-mail
    Business Office Title (618) E-Mail
    Scally, Mark Executive Associate AD 453-5474 E-mail
    Ferrell, Kindra Business Manager 453-5471 E-mail
    Devening, Korey LAN Administrator 453-7231 E-mail
    Compliance Office Title (618) E-Mail
    Kendrick, Kevin Assistant AD-Compliance 453-5463 E-mail
    Hall, Kelsey Compliance Coordinator 453-5477 E-mail
    Swenson, Derek Compliance Coordinator 453-3654 E-mail
    Development Title (618) E-Mail
    Fairfield, Jason Assistant Athletic Director - Operations 453-7238 E-mail
    Pisoni, Cristina Director of Athletic Ticketing/SASF 453-5481 E-mail
    Williams, Bryce Director of Special Events 453-1803 E-mail
    Holtkamp, Travis General Manager - Ticket Solutions 453-8714 E-mail
    Huffman, Caleb Account Executive - Ticket Solutions 453-8941 E-mail
    Wright, Ashley Director of Special Events Ticketing 453-2784 E-mail
    Carsrud, Carolyn Development Secretary 453-3148 E-mail
    Facilities Title (618) E-Mail
    Dunn, Tad Assistant AD/Director of Event Operations 453-1801 E-mail
    Borts, Adam Equipment Manager 453-8146 E-mail
    Miranti, Heather Coordinator of Food Services 453-5204 E-mail
    Shackleton, Matt Arena Production and Special Events 453-7057 E-mail
    Deshazor, Tiffany Graduate Assistant - Food Services 453-5204 E-mail
    Guess, George Graduate Assistant - Facilities 453-1807 E-mail
    Schneider, Samantha Graduate Assistant - Sports Nutrition 453-1807 E-mail
    Whittemore, Mike Graduate Assistant - Equipment 536-2190 E-mail
    Faculty Athletic Representative Title (618) E-Mail
    Partridge, Julie Faculty Athletic Representative 536-2431 E-mail
    Football Title (618) E-Mail
    Hill, Nick Head Coach 453-3331 E-mail
    Paulson, Kraig Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers 453-3331 E-mail
    Aikens, Ashton Wide Receivers 453-3331 E-mail
    Van Dam, John Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 453-3331 E-mail
    Griffin, Nate Running Backs/Recruiting Coordinator 453-3331 E-mail
    Flyger, Austin Defensive Line 453-3331 E-mail
    Nunez, Jay Tight Ends/Special Teams 453-3331 E-mail
    Olson, Trevor Offensive Line 453-3331 E-mail
    OPEN Cornerbacks 453-3331 E-mail
    Rodgers, Marty Safeties 453-3331 E-mail
    Williamson Jr., Michael Graduate Assistant/Offensive Line 453-3331 E-mail
    OPEN Director of Football Operations 453-3331 E-mail
    Wicoff, Kelly Office Manager 453-3331 E-mail
    Golf, Men's Title (618) E-Mail
    Fetcho, Justin Head Coach 453-7248 E-mail
    Golf, Women's Title (618) E-Mail
    Mihelich, Alexis Head Coach 453-5469 E-mail
    Internal Operations Title (618) E-Mail
    Jones, Kathy Senior Associate AD/SWA 453-5279 E-mail
    Marketing & Promotions Title (618) E-Mail
    Clarke, Brian Assistant AD-Marketing 453-5153 E-mail
    Mikulay, Andrew Graduate Assistant 453-5153 E-mail
    Media Services Title (618) E-Mail
    Weber, Tom Associate AD (MBB, MG) 453-7235 E-mail
    Lock, John Associate Director (FB, SB) 453-7102 E-mail
    Becque, Will Associate Director (WBB, T&F) 453-5470 E-mail
    Cruz, Ricardo Graduate Assistant (BSB, XC, WG) 453-7236 E-mail
    Robinson, Elizabeth Graduate Assistant (VB, S&D, MTN, WTN) 453-5465 E-mail
    Saluki Sports Properties Title (618) E-Mail
    Ihrig, Jon General Manager 536-5327 E-mail
    Kazmierski, Cory Account Executive 536-5327 E-mail
    Softball Title (618) E-Mail
    Blaylock, Kerri Head Coach 453-5466 E-mail
    Sewell, Jen Associate Head Coach 453-5455 E-mail
    Wagner, Katie Assistant Coach 453-5156 E-mail
    Spirit Groups Title (618) E-Mail
    OPEN Cheerleading Coach 453-5478 E-mail
    Conley, Tawmi Shaker Coach 318-3955 E-mail
    Sports Medicine Title (618) E-Mail
    Trotter, Kristin (WBB) Assistant Athletic Director 453-4855 E-mail
    Harthan, Brandon (FB) Assistant 453-4163 E-mail
    Mardis, Allen (MBB) Assistant 453-4162 E-mail
    OPEN (T&F) Assistant 453-5161 E-mail
    Bosworth, Adrianne (SB) Graduate Assistant 453-5482 E-mail
    Brainerd, Trey (S&D) Graduate Assistant 453-5482 E-mail
    Havermale, Lauren (VB) Graduate Assistant 453-5482 E-mail
    Kelly, Tim (T&F) Graduate Assistant 453-5482 E-mail
    Maloney, Kaitlyn (FB) Graduate Assistant 453-8352 E-mail
    Ortega, Christian (FB) Graduate Assistant 453-8352 E-mail
    Suncin, German (BSB) Graduate Assistant 453-5482 E-mail
    Strength Title (618) E-Mail
    Smith, Meade Head Strength Coach 453-5454 E-mail
    Frost, Vanessa Assistant Strength Coach 453-7459 E-mail
    Buntjer, Dash Graduate Assistant 453-7459 E-mail
    Crum, Tanner Graduate Assistant 453-7459 E-mail
    Standiford, Luke Graduate Assistant 453-5472 E-mail
    Swan, Josh Graduate Assistant 453-5472 E-mail
    Student Services Title (618) E-Mail
    Stepps, Kristina Associate AD 453-5468 E-mail
    Sellers, Mallory Academic Advisor 453-5486 E-mail
    Jordan, Liz Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator 453-5456 E-mail
    OPEN Academic Graduate Assistant 453-5402 E-mail
    Avila, Juan Academic Graduate Assistant 453-7291 E-mail
    Swimming & Diving Title (618) E-Mail
    Walker, Rick Head Coach 453-7230 E-mail
    Zhao, Joy Diving Coach 453-5461 E-mail
    Knoche, Elise Assistant Swim Coach 453-3149 E-mail
    Gercsak, Csaba Graduate Assistant 453-3149 E-mail
    Tennis, Men's Title (618) E-Mail
    Nelson, Dann Head Coach 453-7247 E-mail
    OPEN Graduate Assistant 453-7247 E-mail
    Tennis, Women's Title (618) E-Mail
    Anderson, Audra Head Coach 453-5462 E-mail
    Bezdickova, Michaela Graduate Assistant 453-5462 E-mail
    Track and Field Title (618) E-Mail
    Raske, Kathleen Director of Track & Field/Cross Country 453-5460 E-mail
    VanLaningham, Terry Associate Head Coach (Jumps/Pole Vault/Multis) 453-7242 E-mail
    Lambert, J.C. Assistant Coach (Throws) 453-5140 E-mail
    Holda, Gary Interim Assistant Coach (Distance) 453-8375 E-mail
    Usery, Alishea Assistant Coach (Sprints/Hurdles) 453-5451 E-mail
    Raimondi, Greg Director of Operations/Graduate Assistant 453-3651 E-mail
    Video Services Title (618) E-Mail
    Gibbons, Shane Director of Video Services 453-1899 E-mail
    McGlone, Sam Graduate Assistant 453-6620 E-mail
    OPEN Graduate Assistant 453-5338 E-mail
    Cerney, Brandon Producer 453-6620 E-mail
    Volleyball Title (618) E-Mail
    Ingram, Justin Head Coach 453-5473 E-mail
    Nelson, Todd Assistant Coach 453-5489 E-mail
    Torgerson, Dean Assistant Coach 453-5476 E-mail
    Women's Basketball Team E-mail
    Football Team E-mail